Ángeles Violán exhibits in Tenerife

The Cultural Space The Chapel of the University of La Laguna de Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts until January 31, 2020, the exhibition “Four Northern Artists”, in which you can see the work of the partner Ángeles Violán, Luis Perera , Manolo Sánchez and Mohamed Osman on landscapes of the island of Tenerife.

«Four unrepeatable painters, magnificent. Pro artists and engaged people. The work of each of them is a claim, a shout in defense of the democratic, landscape, rural, traditional heritage, of great and simple details, ”says Manuel J. Lorenzo Perera, director of the Cultural Classroom of Ethnography of the University of La Laguna and curator of this pictorial exhibition.

«The four are firm executors, they have found in the painting their most faithful and successful form of expression. They create and imagine in the northern band of the island, in the shadow of the giant Teide, next to where the big sea, the ocean, the spinner of the cultures of the world begins, a cluster that forms the cultural heritage of mankind, ”says Lorenzo Perera

Nautical painter Angeles Violán, a native of Los Realejos, has exhibited several times individually and has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Tenerife, Madrid, Jaén, Estoril (Portugal), Versailles (Paris), Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Santander, León and Poland, thus having the opportunity to bring the Canarian culture closer to the national and international public. In addition, he has published two artistic-literary books on Canarian costumbrismo, the first in 2005 and the second in 2018.

The presentation of the exhibition was in charge of Professor Olga María Alegre de La Rosa, who made an emotional and unique comparison of the work of the four participants with the four elements. In relation to his work, he said, among other things:

”The third key element: THE AIR that associated it with the work of the naive artist, Ángeles Violán.

Angels shows a painting full of tenderness … / It’s sunlight, it’s the yellow that fills everything like air. It is a luminous work. A journey full of light through our traditions with its particular vision … / Like the Air, it is a sincere and direct art. Ángeles Violán shows a particular idea of ​​conceiving art, as a reflection of inner tranquility and has made his works show as a main feature the completely serene environment of existence.

The air, an essential element for life, as essential is also the work that Ángeles Violán presents to us. Air at the feast of the Virgin of the Kings. Wonderful dancers of El Hierro that move the air with their dance.

Party air, air of innocence, air of detail, airs of my land that Angeles Violán presents with the delicacy and soft air that offers a chest full of jewels.

I drink the air of those big eyes that Angels paints, that they look at me and that they drink me, when I drink them. ”