Deck of cards of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

                     In March 2014 the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors proposed to its partners the realization of a unique artistic Baraja, illustrated, and a year later, it will become reality, because it is currently in press.

The deck has four suits more suited to the language of painters and sculptors traditional coins, cups, swords and clubs, and also includes two jokers.

So, we’ve gathered 50 letters grouped (from 1 to 12) in figure, still life, landscape and abstraction, with a result that surprised everyone.

The exhibition of the original forming the deck will take place next October in the Exhibition Hall of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, to which all are invited to come and where able to “touch” the cards and enjoy of the original.

In the Gazette des Beaux-Arts of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, in the same Web page and on Facebook you we will keep you informed of everything related to this initiative which will pose a year ago.


The list of artists who participated in the deck is:

Alejandro Aguilar Soria

Guiomar Álvarez de Toledo

Antonio Arcones

José Gabriel Astudillo López

Mercedes Ballesteros

Pepe Belmonte

Sonia Casero

Carmen Charro

Nieves de la Calle

Mª Carmen de la Calle Llurba

Juan de la Cruz Pallarés

Felipe de Madariaga

Carmen Durán

Araceli Fernández

Pilar Fernández Duarte

Emilio Fernández Galiano

José Luis Fiol

Margarita Forteza

Javier Fuentes Morán

Inmaculada Galán

Rosa Gallego

Isabel Garrido

Luis Javier Gayá Soler

Marisa González Ossorio

Enrique Guzpeña

Carla Hoet

Inocencia Isabel

Manuel López Herrera

Jesús Lozano Saorín

François Marechal

Victoria Moreno

Isabel Moreno González

Carlos Muro

José Manuel Núñez Míllán

Jesús Proaño

Miguel Recuero

Pablo Reviriego

Manuel Rodríguez Tabernero

David Rus

Alicia Sánchez Carmona

José Sánchez Carralero

José Antonio Santos Pastrana

Manuel Segura

Miguel Sokolowski

Eulalia Tudela

Olegario Úbeda

Maite Unzurrunzaga Goicoechea

Joaquín Ureña

Juan José Vicente

Mª Luisa Zárate

As shown and advancement of special and artistic publication, we advance some photographs of the four aces and two wild cards , so that you appreciate the good results together, we succeeded.

FIGURE AS OF : Alejandro Aguilar Soria

 as 1

AS OF BODEGON : Felipe de Madariaga

 as 2

AS LANDSCAPE : Luis Javier Gayá

 as 3

AS abstraction : Guzpeña

 as 4

WILD 1: Jesus Lozano Saorín

 Comodin 1

WILD 2: Manuel Lopez Herrera

 Comodin 2

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