Noticias y Publicaciones

Saorín, author of the Jumilla 2020 Holy Week poster

On January 18, 2020, the 2020 Holy Week poster, as well as the original watercolor painting, was presented in the multipurpose hall of the Jumilla Ethnographic Museum, a work done by the Jumillano painter Jesús Lozano Saorin, artistically known for Saorin. Verónica López González, member of the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Soledad, was…read more →

Ángeles Violán exhibits in Tenerife

The Cultural Space The Chapel of the University of La Laguna de Santa Cruz de Tenerife hosts until January 31, 2020, the exhibition “Four Northern Artists”, in which you can see the work of the partner Ángeles Violán, Luis Perera , Manolo Sánchez and Mohamed Osman on landscapes of the island of Tenerife. «Four unrepeatable painters, magnificent. Pro artists and…read more →

Ian Lorenzo exhibits in Fuerteventura

The majorero artist, Ian Lorenzo, inaugurated on January 22 the exhibition “Purgatory” that can be visited at the House of Culture of Puerto del Rosario until next February 13, 2020, from Monday to Friday from 9 at 2pm and from 4:30 pm to 8pm. “Purgatory” is an exhibition of marked personal character; a place where melancholic souls go into all…read more →

Peresejo Exhibition in Alcoy

Until next January 31, 2020, the exhibition under the title of “The Return of Peresejo” can be seen at the Cultural Center of Alcoy, through thirty sculptures, the life and work of the sculptor José Pérez Pérez, artistically known by the name of Peresejo. The exhibition, which opened on December 4, 2019, focuses on one of the greatest exponents of…read more →

Cristina Agulló Tecles exhibits in Alicante

Under the title of “Scaffolding”, the partner Cristina Agulló Tecles has been exhibiting her work since last January 10, in the Exhibition Hall of the Wagner Theater in Alicante, located on Castelar Street, 10. “Scaffolding” arises from the idea that the world is constantly evolving. These scaffolds are the evidence that humanity builds, destroys and rebuilds. In any past, present…read more →

Feguars exhibits “Pareidolias” in León

With the title of “Pareidolias”, the partner Joaquín Ferrer Guallar, known as “Feguars”, opens on January 24, 2020, at 8 p.m., an exhibition of his works inspired by musical themes at the Sharon Art Gallery de León, located in Plaza Conde Luna, 9, which can be visited until February 23 from Tuesday to Sunday from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Eduardo Naranjo opens exhibition at the Muba

On January 16 the painter Eduardo Naranjo, Medal of Honor of the AEPE and so attached to the centenary entity, inaugurates the exhibition that under the title of “The place of the figure”, will present a selection of about thirty works of his own private collection created in the last two decades, at the Museum of Fine Arts (Muba) in…read more →

Collection of the new AEPE membership card

Coinciding with the acts that have been carried out periodically in the headquarters of the AEPE, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors handed over their membership cards to new members who become part of this great family that we are the ones who are part of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. Before a large…read more →