We celebrate the 109th birthday of the AEPE

On Friday, April 12, at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, we celebrated the 109th birthday of the AEPE.

It was an immense joy to share with each and every one of the partners this occasion in which our common home, was already 109 years old, during which we are the main artistic reference of Spain.

109 years later, we continue to mark the present in art, we continue to make culture and we continue to serve society, to which we owe.

We have the immense fortune to dream, think and feel through our works of art and without the need to say a single word.

We have the possibility that through our eyes, others discover another reality that makes them happy.

We have life, color, dreams, projects, we have a soul … 109 years later.

And that is what we share, in a common feeling of all of us who are part of this great family that we make who make art our life in the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Thank you for sharing the encouragement and encouragement, for believing in us.


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