Contests and Awards

            The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors  has among its main goals to organize important Fine Arts contests for its members, although other artists have had their niche in them, as well, albeit on some occasions. Amongst the latter are the Salón de Otoño, the Salón de Primavera in Valdepeñas, (Ciudad Real, Spain) and other exhibitions, which are organized by the regional offices of the Association in the province of Málaga (Torremolinos, Benalmádena, Mijas, Fuengirola, Vélez-Malaga and Malaga city). jg

The Salón de Otoño, which is the most prestigious exhibit and contest held by the Association, began in 1920 although it will have organised 82 showings by next November at the Casa de Vacas in the Retiro Park, Madrid.  The contest is endowed with honorary and monetary prizes provided by the Arts Department of Madrid City Hall, El Corte Inglés large department stores , amongst others. In addition to these, the Association awards several prizes and medals, being the Reina Sofía Extraordinary Award, the highest in importance.

The Salón de Primavera, which takes place at the Valdepeñas Municipal Museum (Ciudad Real, Spain), will have held its seventh edition next April, rewards its winners with honouring plates, diplomas and financial contributions.

San Isidro Plastic Arts Contest, with Madrid as a subject, follows next in importance.  It has had 52 editions. Each of them takes place at a standing Cultural Centre and coincides roughly with the time of the celebrations in honour of the patron of the city.

Likewise, other plastic arts contests and exhibitions take place in the galleries of different municipal Cultural Centres in Madrid, Monographic Subject, Small Format, Lorenzo Aguirre for Drawing, Engraving and Sculpture, and others.

Both teachers and students make a yearly selection of the best pieces created at our workshops in order to put up an exhibition with that material at our HQ at the end of the year.

The Ciudad de Torremolinos Andalucian Contest of Contemporary Painting, the Malaga and its Surroundings  4th Biennial Exhibition of Plastic Arts, The Mijas Fast Painting Contest, are some of the contests  taking place in the province of Málaga and held by the regional offices of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

The Association also joins in on the fast painting days and the contests promoted by other institutions.