Called the IV Salt of Abstracto Art of the AEPE

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has convened the fourth edition of the Salon of Abstract Art which may attend all artists residing in Spain who wish.

Each author may attend the contest with as many original works as he wishes, the subject and technique being free, making abstract art a sign and symbol, both in its capacity to produce the most varied emotions and in representing the most incredible stimuli.

The contest includes the sections of painting (drawing, engraving and watercolor) and sculpture The minimum size will be 50 x 50 and the maximum of 150 x 150. Each work presented will bear the author’s name, address, title, technique employed and the measures.

The following prizes will be awarded: JOSE MARIA LOPEZ MEZQUITA PAINTING MEDAL, endowed with the Medal and Diploma of the AEPE, the ANGEL FERRANT AND VÁZQUEZ SCULPTURE MEDAL, endowed with AEPE Medal and Diploma and Distinct MENTIONS OF HONOR, endowed with a Diploma. The Qualification Jury may grant the Honorable Mentions that it deems appropriate. The jury, which will designate the award and order of the prizes, will select the works for the exhibition and will be able to resolve any eventuality not foreseen in the bases, will be made up of experts of recognized prestige.

The awarded and selected works will be exhibited in the month of April in the Sala Juana Francés and the Sala Pablo Serrano of the Junta de Tetuán, located in the

Calle Bravo Murillo, 357 in Madrid, and the awards ceremony will be held at the inauguration of the same, whose date will be properly reported.

The dates to be taken into account will be the following:

Photo submission: until March 15, 2019

Physical works presentation end: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

From May 6 to 10, 2019: withdrawal of works from headquarters

Bases IV Salón de Arte Abstracto 2019


Imagen visual obra de Carmen Bonilla Carrasco

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