Cristina Agulló exhibits at the COAATM

The member Cristina Agulló Tecles exhibits her latest works at the Official Association of Quantity Surveyors and Technical Architects of Madrid, which can be visited until May 31, under the title of “Scaffolding”.

The author herself describes the sample thus:

“Scaffolding” arises from the idea that the world is in constant evolution. These scaffolds are the evidence that humanity builds, destroys and rebuilds. In any past, present or future, space is metamorphosed according to the dreams of the people. We are leaving an aesthetic. We are giving way to new and empty forms. “Scaffolding” is, in essence, an exaltation to the living beauty of chaos in constant transformation.

I conceive my “Scaffolds” calculating the chromatic range so that it evokes where the work wants to transport us. They are characterized by a radiant energy and without going into detail, so that sometimes, with a single spot, the place they are dealing with is sketched out. They are like the scaffolding itself in the construction that at the same time conceals and shows the building that it will be.

From watercolor I like his freedom and the spontaneity of the stroke. I am also particularly interested in linking textures, tear, puncture, scratch. I use the irregularities of the paper and the pigment to compose the image and enrich it beyond the drawing and the stain “.

Cristina Agulló Tecles has a degree in Fine Arts, a Master’s Degree in Teacher Training. His work has been present nationally and internationally in samples ranging from Alicante, Albacete, Cordoba or Madrid, to Switzerland, Miami or, more recently, New York.

Taking as reference to Aitor Rentería or Joan Coch, his work also drinks from the sources of Antoni Tápies, bringing brushstrokes of Matérial Informalism to his watercolors.

His work vindicates the beauty of the imperfect and the splendor of the passing of the years, in contrast to the western tendency of the new, shining and symmetrical

La Almudena
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Catedral de Toledo
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