Cristina Agulló Tecles exhibits in Alicante

Under the title of “Scaffolding”, the partner Cristina Agulló Tecles has been exhibiting her work since last January 10, in the Exhibition Hall of the Wagner Theater in Alicante, located on Castelar Street, 10.

“Scaffolding” arises from the idea that the world is constantly evolving. These scaffolds are the evidence that humanity builds, destroys and rebuilds. In any past, present or future time, space metamorphoses according to people’s dreams. We are leaving an aesthetic. We are giving way to new and empty forms. “Scaffolding” is, in essence, an exaltation to the living beauty of chaos in constant transformation.

I conceive my “Scaffolding” calculating the color range so that it evokes where the work wants to transport us. They are characterized by a radiant energy and without going into detail, so that sometimes, with a single spot the place they are dealing with is outlined. They are like the scaffolding in the construction that hide and show the building that will be.

Of watercolor I like your freedom and the spontaneity of the stroke. I am also especially interested in linking textures, tearing, puncturing, scratching. I use the irregularities of the paper and the pigment to compose the image and enrich it beyond the drawing and the stain.

The sample can be visited until next January 25, 2020, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7:30 p.m. at 9pm. (except holidays).