Daniel Lorenzo Goñi exhibits in Zamora

The sculptor partner Daniel Lorenzo Goñi inaugurated on June 21 an exhibition of sculptures under the title “On the edge of emotion”, in the Exhibition Hall of the Church of the Incarnation of the Diputación de Zamora (Plaza de Viriato, s / n), which can be visited until July 20 from Monday to Friday from 5 to 9 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 to 2 pm. and from 5 to 9 pm.

The sample is presented to us by the author himself:

“All these pieces are organic, they come from the observation of the elements, nature impregnates them in the place where they were created, they are born of emotion in their elaboration process, with time they grow and develop as if from a plant it is, they start from the air, they begin with a form in which an intention germinates, like a volute of smoke frozen in time.

I watch a whirlpool of water in a torrent.

Like the nervous flame that is violently agitated when it feeds on intention.

Like the earth that is the body of the first fluid sculpture to model it by the emotions of the water.

The air inspires it with dry intention and freezes movement, gives it shape, stops time and slowly makes it solid. The fire melts it and the dream materializes crystallized in time.

It is the nature of my workshop, where I recreate and learn to flow and in this intricate organic tangle vortices, angles, edges and edges where light and darkness are found.

The edge creates the border between light and shadow, and from all points of view there must be lace as if starting from the limits imposed by a solid block.

Sense of rhythm as if a symphony drew its contours with musical harmony.

Balance and proportion approaching the limit of the ethereal.

Taking off from the ground.

Weightless, time.

Freeze the exact moment in which the intention acquires its maximum expression to transmit the message, make it immortal and eternal.

They are part of me, fragments of time incarnated in form, are my dreams, my fears, joys and passions lived”.