Eduardo Naranjo opens exhibition at the Muba

On January 16 the painter Eduardo Naranjo, Medal of Honor of the AEPE and so attached to the centenary entity, inaugurates the exhibition that under the title of “The place of the figure”, will present a selection of about thirty works of his own private collection created in the last two decades, at the Museum of Fine Arts (Muba) in Badajoz.

Twenty years after his last stay in this same exhibition space, the painter of Monesterio returns to his native Extremadura with the support of the Provincial Council of Badajoz and just when the museum celebrates its hundred years of history.

The third exhibition of Naranjo in Extremadura can be visited until next March 8 and it is already predicted to be one of the most visited in the history of Muba, in which the artist has placed special affection because it is about “returning to my land and teach my work to our people ».

Almost all the paintings object of this exhibition are property of the author, and are part of a private collection that could well be part of the funds of the museum foundation in which the artist has been working with the town hall of the town. Moreover, at this point in his career, Naranjo does not want to get rid of these paintings. “I plan to sell very little,” says Naranjo, so that “there is a work that can be seen forever in a museum.”

‘Eduardo Naranjo. The place of the figure ‘is the title of the exhibition that on Thursday, January 16, at 12 noon, will be presented in the courtyard of the Museum of Fine Arts of Badajoz -calle Duque de San Germán-. The exhibition may contemplate until March 8. Mornings, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 to 14; Afternoons, from 16 to 20 hours.

Source, The Newspaper of Extremadura