“Duel and art” a celestial exhibition of Vicente Molina Pacheco

The priest and painter partner Vicente Molina Pacheco, participates and curates the exhibition entitled “The duel and art”, a traveling collective exhibition that from October 5 to 14, 2019, could be visited at the Palace of the Audience of the City Council of Soria, from that date until November 3, in the Choir of the Parish of La Mayor de Soria and from November 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020, in the Church of Palat del Rey de Lion.

In the spirituality that emanates from the works of Vicente Molina, his own religious vocation is present. Molina places as a central object of representation the monastic life, maximum expression of Christian spirituality and maximum refuge for the afflicted, which finds within the community values ​​such as solidarity, company, love, charity or the discovery of light , evidencing in the painting Celestial light. It is positioned in the plastic and ideological asceticism; the first limits the use of media, and thus chooses to use wastepaper cartons as supports, rehabilitated but prone to destruction. Fragile materials that are symbolism of human fragility, deterioration and mutations, such as brush strokes or brushstrokes, never very dense, that it executes on them; exponent of sadness is neutron chromatism with a predominance of grays (Ánimas, as an example). In the ideological asceticism is the renunciation of the individual, an idea that the painter clearly transmits through the iconographic protagonism of the figures of monks cast in monolithic blocks, supporters of individuality, in a state of prayer or contemplation. Vicente does not abandon his schematic, effective language, of content gestures, rather of dragging, in which sometimes the licensing of roles or intense and light-filled chromatism is allowed, as in the aforementioned work Celestial Light.

Present the exhibition + Abilio Martínez Varea, Bishop of Osma – Soria, with some words full of spirituality:

“The duel is innate to the human being. Since we are born we are exposed to the possibility of suffering and the certainty of death. The artists participating in this magnificent exhibition of painting they want to transmit this complex human reality by dialoguing from the disparity of personal experiences and concepts. One of those concepts and experiences inherent to suffering and consequent grief is the transcendence that takes flesh in Jesus Christ: «/ he wept for compassion, and Can’t I cry for my condition? He did not rebuke the crying by the grave of Lazarus, nor forbade crying; it is more he cried with those who cry: “And Jesus began to cry” (Saint Bernard of Claraval Sermon on the Song of Songs XXVI, 12).

I congratulate those responsible for the Palliative Days held on the “Campus University Duques de Seria “and that have given rise to this exhibition. As well as the artists implied by his great contribution to this reflection on the duel that, from the language of the painting and its deep sensitivity, lead us to a reality as human as pain is ”.


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