“The message of Pandora”, the last book of Javier Sierra

Javier Sierra, Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, will return to the bookstores on June 23, after publishing in 2017 his hitherto latest novel, ‘The Invisible Fire’, which earned him the Planeta award. The person from Teruel returns to the editorial front with ‘Pandora’s Message’, a work he has produced during the coronavirus pandemic. «It is a book that was born in me like lightning. I had to write it and put it in the hands of the readers very soon, “he says. For Sierra, the writer’s most sacred mission is none other than to help psychologically and spiritually “heal” the community to which he belongs. Perhaps this is why this story has flowed so smoothly. I’ve never written anything like this, so powerful and direct, “he admits.
Written in the form of a letter to a young woman who is about to come of age, ‘Pandora’s Message’ summarizes in a few key pages about the origin of life and civilization, and how both are closely linked to the arrival to Earth from the first viruses and bacteria.
Using clear, entertaining and direct language, the imaginary author of that letter searches the classic myths for answers to most of our doubts. To do this, he dives into episodes of history, science and mythology, and discovers that in ancient accounts there were already precise indications, almost instructions, on how we should face our next steps as a species.
“‘ Pandora’s message “is a fable that will take us through southern France and northern Spain while reminding us of our situation on the evolutionary scale. Invites us to stop
look at our navel and discover that we are part of something that is much bigger than ourselves. It is a change in our gaze. Almost a revelation ”, synthesizes the writer.
In his usual style, Javier Sierra interprets these old stories in a didactic, agile and informative way for the contemporary reader. The best-selling author revives the Pandora myth as a metaphor and uses the epistolary genre to spread a positive message in the face of the latest pandemic, while reviewing often-silenced scientific theories.
The text, strewn with evocative references, strives to open the mind to its young recipient. In giving him perspective so that he understands what kind of creatures we are and what place we occupy in the universe, and even takes him to that “dark moment” of our past in which a spark that suddenly arose made us more than animals.
The author from Teruel also proposes a reflection on the lifestyle of humans and wants help to see how pandemics have shaped him catastrophe after catastrophe. As Sierra himself acknowledges, “peering into the abyss has brought out the best in me.”
Source, Heraldo de Aragón, June 13, 2020