Emilio Fernández-Galiano delivers his portrait of Felipe VI to the Real Gran Peña

The president of the Real Gran Peña, Mr. Alfonso Gallego de Chaves Escudero, Marqués de Quintanar, and the seguntine painter, Emilio Fernández-Galiano, discovered on Thursday the portrait of the king, Felipe VI, that this club has commissioned him on the occasion of compliance , in 2019, of the 150th anniversary of the institution.

The event was attended by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, who accompanied the partner Emilio Fernández-Galiano, Delegate of the AEPE of Sigüenza.

To commemorate the anniversary, the Real Gran Peña has organized different activities throughout the year and, as the end approaches now, it scheduled a simple event divided into two parts. First, the Marques de Quintanar and Fernández-Galiano, revealed the portrait of the king. It is an oil on panel two meters high by one wide, which represents the monarch wearing the uniform of the general captain of the Spanish army. The background, neutral, enhances the blue, intense and special, of the clothing. “It is a modern and traditional painting at the same time,” summarizes the author.

The painter Galiano brings with his brushes a new work that adds to that of other magnificent institutions such as the Royal National Academy of Medicine, the Sigüenza Cathedral, the City Hall of the same city, that of Guadalajara and the portrait gallery of the Provincial Council alcarreña, in addition to other private collections. His works, likewise, have been exhibited, among other cities, in Madrid, Guadalajara, San Sebastián, Málaga, Ghent or The Hague. “It is an honor that a painting by this humble painter belongs to the magnificent gallery of the Real Gran Peña,” said Fernández-Galiano.

Not surprisingly, the centennial headquarters of the club, in Madrid’s Gran Vía, features sculptural works by Mariano Benlliure and pictorial works by Augusto Ferrer Dalmau, Moreno Carbonero, Cecilio Pla, Sorolla, Usach, Manuel Benedito or Martínez Abades. This was contrasted by the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, recalling that they were all founding partners of the AEPE.

In a brief address, the second-time painter could at least mention the great artistic event of the year, which is the recent Centenary II of the inauguration of the Prado Museum. “It is the only museum in the world in which his collection of portraits and works it has been compiled peacefully and through acquisitions, mostly sponsored by the Spanish kings, ”he said.

Next, the second vice president of the Peña, the jurist and philosopher of Spanish law Miguel Ayuso was the one who was in charge of presenting a commemorative book by the sesquicentennial of the Real Gran Peña, a magnificent work, published with care for the detail that the anniversary deserves.