Delivery of the II National Short Narrative Villa of Madrid 2017

Organized by ACEUGA and AEPE

On September 8 will be held at the headquarters of the historic Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors in Madrid the act of delivery of the II National Short Narrative of Villa 2017, convened by ACEUGA (University Studies Association) based in the city of Vigo, and that has had the collaboration of the AEPE.

AEPE and ACEUGA promoted in the first half of 2017 the II National Short Narrative Villa Award in Madrid and the II National Villa Poetry Prize of Madrid, after the great reception they had in the last edition. These prizes culminate with the publication of the best texts in two books in which literary art unites with the pictorial thanks to the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Painters and Writers, in charge of selecting the best works that will illustrate the covers of both books .

In this way, two competitions have actually been called: one, the strictly literary, and in parallel, the AEPE convened another one among its partners spread throughout the national geography, for the illustration of the cover of the book that includes a total of 111 stories between the winner, finalists and selected, and that will also be presented in the same act.

The II National Villa of Madrid Prize has had participation of more than 400 stories of all the points of the Iberian peninsula and of the Spanish islands, as well as of diverse European countries, of the USA and of countries of Spanish speech.

The jury of this contest was formed by the two Presidents of both Associations, José Gabriel Astudillo López and Francisco Freire Vila, as well as by Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, Secretary General of AEPE, Mª Soledad Domínguez Figueroa, José Manuel Fernández González, Concepción Pérez Cerdeira and Rosa Mª San Luis Lorenzo.

The finalist texts deal with a wide range of topics, are imagined stories, lives of fiction with unique characters and points of view that sometimes cause surprise because of the great skill with which the author leads the reader.

The winning work was titled Inseparables, by Ángel Manuel Gálvez Hervás, while the finalist stories with honorable mention corresponded to José Luís Bragado García, Javier Chavero Carrasco, Miguel Ángel Díaz Pintado, José Ignacio del Diego Lajusticia, Rosa Escribano Zardoya, Alejandro Martínez Ortega, Francisco José Pascual Sánchez, Juan Carlos Pérez López, Miguel Ángel Piedra Parra and Luciano Ramírez de Arellano Espadero.

As for the winning work to illustrate the cover of the book, AEPE partner Eva González Morán, with a proposal titled “Cuéntame Madrid”, done in pen and presented in paper, 21 x 14.8 cm. , and that the author herself defined:

“Madrid contains more than three million lives that surely deserve to be counted, with their entanglements, their crosses, their coincidences. I marvel that a city so immense you almost always find a common acquaintance with your interlocutor. Thousands of stories of love, disappointment, loyalty, political ruse, tolerance and marginalization. Thousands of laps to start in a strange country, in a strange city that welcomes, because it is a giant stream that drag fish of five oceans. Inspiration for not boring “.

The jury in charge of evaluating the works presented by the partners of the centenary entity was presided over by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and as Secretary of the same acted Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, Secretary General of the AEPE, both with voice but without vote, as well as vocals of the same the Vocal of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Juan Manuel López Reina, the Librarian of the AEPE, Fernando de Marta and the Adviser of the President, Itziar Zabalza Murillo.

Eva González Morán is an artist born in Zaragoza. Graduated in Business Administration with a postgraduate degree in Foreign Trade from Sheffield Hallam University and dedicated to marketing and product development for twenty years until I turn my career. Daughter of the watercolor artist Amparo Morán Rivas (Salamanca 1927 – Zaragoza 2008). With artistic training in different centers of Madrid. Mother of two suns. Daughter, sister, wife and friend. Dedicated to drawing, painting and illustration. I love the art that moves and I would love to transcend the role and make something move inside who contemplates it. I really enjoy doing commissions even if they leave my personal project. I like to feel those lives as part of my work and share the illusion that these works contain.

The Cultural Association of University Studies (ACEUGA) was born in 1993 to students of the Faculties of Philology of the Universities of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, and has gradually been bringing together students from other universities, faculties and disciplines.

This association, non-profit, seeks to develop all those educational, cultural, training and leisure activities that can always be a small and humble contribution to our society.

Five years ago he began to manage literary events, first, by the requests of the partners themselves and secondly, to look for alternatives that would make it possible to visualize and give life to many authors who wanted to participate and see their published works. In a difficult economic and social context, he tries to find collaborations such as AEPE that contribute to the diffusion and to give prestige and quality, together with the two arts that only differentiate the way to shape the artistic creation.

The ACEUGA activities are memory workshops for seniors, training courses, talks and workshops for parents, literary competitions in schools, national and international competitions, among others.

With all the finalists has been published the book that is presented in Madrid at the awards ceremony on September 8 at 7 pm at the headquarters of The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Calle de las Infantas, 30.

With this type of action, the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors seeks to promote, encourage and channel the creativity of artists, and collaborate with other types of cultural entities, such as the University Studies Association, in the diffusion and aggrandizement of Fine Arts in Spain.

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