Peresejo Exhibition in Alcoy

Until next January 31, 2020, the exhibition under the title of “The Return of Peresejo” can be seen at the Cultural Center of Alcoy, through thirty sculptures, the life and work of the sculptor José Pérez Pérez, artistically known by the name of Peresejo.

The exhibition, which opened on December 4, 2019, focuses on one of the greatest exponents of a long list of sculptors who, armed with chisel and gouge, managed to break with the molds and canons established in a clear attempt to impose and adapt to the new times and aesthetic tastes of the moment, participating in the renovation and modernization movement experienced by the Spanish sculpture in the first decades of the new century, without this entailing a renunciation against the inheritance received, but rather a review of the sculptural principles, to which it instills a breath of fresh air, in an attempt to restore the sculptural values, so disfigured in recent decades.

We enclose the catalog of the exhibition, as well as a biography of the sculptor by José Luis Antequera, Member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and Co-Commissioner.


Arriba, Autorretrato del artista en boceto y abajo, en imponente busto


Cataleg El retorn de Peresejo_B

Articulo Peresejo – AEPEdocx