Inauguration of the virtual exhibition of the Valdepeñas Spring Salon

On July 3, 2020, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors will open what is now the third virtual exhibition in its 110-year history.
For this, the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, has sent a communication to all the members in which they are invited to go to this same web page, in the tab “Contests and Awards”, sub-tab «Spring Salon de Valdepeñas », where a gallery of almost two hundred photographs of the works that have been submitted to this call will hang.
In his communication, he tells us:
“At the beginning of March the XIV Spring Salon of Valdepeñas was convened” Through the lands of Castilla La Mancha “of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, which was to be held in June 2020, at the Municipal Museum of a specially linked city to the art world.
We did not expect that an event like the one that is shaking the world and especially Spain, would alter our lives in this way and change us as much as the way of making and sharing art.
Shortly after the pandemic began, we understood that it was useless to even hold the exhibition, when the 55 Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture and the Casa del Reloj, the 110 AEPE exhibition, still hung on the walls of the Casa de Vacas, that celebrated the anniversary of the foundation of our institution.
With the desire to continue transmitting art, to share art, to create and recreate the world, we undertook actions to turn this great event into a great virtual exhibition of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, with which partners and friends, lovers of art, we continue to make history.
The current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 crisis have caused a large number of companies or entities to cease their activity. The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has continued to work to give visibility to artists and promote art, all through a series of virtual tools that help us meet their goals.
With the digital world as a border, we decided to continue with the scheduled exhibitions, in order to celebrate the XIV Spring Salon of Valdepeñas “Through the lands of Castilla La Mancha” of the AEPE, virtually through the different means of promotion with those that AEPE has been working on for years: the website, the YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Arts & Culture.
Participation was completely free, so that all those who had already paid for the registration were reimbursed the amount, taking into account that in this exceptional case no prizes will be awarded.
Without any limitation in terms of technique, format and theme, the artists show us the best of their art, of themselves, in a luxurious showcase that, I am convinced, will surprise everyone.
We thus celebrate this virtual exhibition with such exceptional circumstances, but with the intention of making this appointment a well-deserved meeting whose result is what we can see in this magnificent exhibition and in which we managed to make this appointment a great opportunity to present talent and the quality of each and every one of the members of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, whom I am especially honored to represent.
Undoubtedly, it is a unique opportunity to participate in exhibitions that will remain forever on the web, with which the AEPE continues to make history.
As I was saying, this is the time to leave our mark on history.
And together, we are doing it.

José Gabriel Astudillo López
Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors


List of participants in the virtual exhibition of the
XIV Valdepeñas Spring Show


Luis Andrés Acevedo Manso

Cristina Agulló Técles

Aracely Alarcón

Margarita Algora

Susana Alonso de Sousa (Alonso de Sousa)

Ramos Andrés

Katia Ares Calderón (Kate Ares)

Isabel Artieda López

Alejandro Aynós Romero

Sabela Baña

Beatriz de Bartolomé

Leonor Berlanga

Joaquín Besoy

Carmen Bonilla Carrasco

Jalal Boudra

Tomi Caballero

Irene Cantalejo

Martina Cantero

Pilar Carballedo

Paloma Casado

David Centelles Calvo

José Manuel Chamorro

Ángeles Cifuentes Serrano

Concepción Cortés

Pilar Cortes

Enrique Delgado

Héctor Delgado Millán

Antonio Denis Vázquez

María Xesús Díaz

Higinio Díaz Marta-Garrón (Gini)

Francisco Díaz Tripiana

Sopetrán Domènech

Carmen Durán

Magdalena España

Carmen Espinosa

José Carmelo Esteban Gracia (Carmelo Esteban)

Marta M. Estévez Jorge (Marta Estévez)

Olga Feliú Escudero

Diego Fernández

Rosa Fernández

Karlos Fernández Eguía (Karfer Eguía)

Sara Fernández Giménez (Sara Ruano)

Sarah Ferreira

Mª Dolores Flores Verdú (Flor Verdú)

Mª Esther Flórez

Herminda Gago Blanco

Félix Gala

Susana García Bravo

Fernando García de Juan

Guillermo García García (Majin Willy)

María García García (M. García García)

Ana García Pulido (Anayë)

Álvaro García Santamaría

José Clemente Gascón Martínez

Pedro Gómez

Olga Gómez Hernández

Juan Rafael Gómez Mena (Mena)

José Miguel González Delgado

Mª Luisa González Ossorio

Juan Antonio González Sáiz (Juanchi)

Agustín Gonzaléz Salvador

Argentina González Tamames

Marien de Haro

Manuel Hernández

Alirio Infante

Antonio Izquierdo Ortega

Juan Jiménez

Juan José Jiménez Sánchez

Mónica Jimeno

Francisco Javier Langa

Rosa Mª Lecumberri

Liv Likart

Ignasi Lisicic

Alejandro López García (Kastro)

Enrique López Sardón

Juan Manuel López-Reina Coso

Ian Lorenzo

Paulino Lorenzo Tardón (Paulino L. Tardón)

Carlos Losa

Antonio Lucas García

María R. Maluenda

Fernando de Marta

Andrés Javier Martínez Blanco

Ana Martínez Córdoba

Ricardo Mas

Geanina Miler

Isabel Monfort

Antonio Municio

Mento Muñoz Mejias

Nuria Muñoz Sánchez-Horneros

Julio Murciego

Jesús Nieto Pantoja

Erika Nolte

Ángel Núñez

Julio César Ovejero (Ovejero)

David Patón

Luis Pereira

Adalberto Pereira da Silva (Adalberto Silva)

Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana)

Pilar Pérez Hidalgo

Jesús Pérez Hornero

Juan Francisco Pérez Somalo

Antonia Portalo

Pura Ramos

Pietro Putignano

Victoria Ramírez

Pablo Redondo (Odnoder

Mª Aida da Luz Rodrigues (Aida Rodrigues)

Raúl Rodríguez (Ciriaco)

Manolo Romero

Mª Esperanza Ruiz Pérez (Esperanza Ruiz-Olmo)

Fuensanta Ruiz Urien (Fuensanta R. Urien)

Salvador Samper

Cristina Sánchez

Avelina Sánchez-Carpio

Tomás Santos Alcalá

Mª Dolores Santos Castillo (Lola Santos)

Macarena Sanz

Guillermo Sanz Murat

Inés Serna

Begoña Sopena

Emilio Sotomayor

Linda de Sousa

Mayte Spínola

Florian Stefan

Adrián A. Suarez

Arturo Tejero

Antonio Téllez de Peralta

Austion Tirado

Adela Trifán (Adelacreative)

José Valladares Moreno

Soledad Velasco Hernández

Maribel Vera

Pilar Vich

José Zahonero