Inauguration and awards ceremony of “Solo Arte”

On Tuesday, December 11th, the inauguration and delivery of prizes of the call that under the title of “Solo Arte” was carried out by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors took place and thus closes the 2018 exhibition year of the centenary entity.
The event was attended by many partners, friends and the general public, and the official opening of the exhibition was also carried out, although it is open to the public since last December 8th.
The inauguration and award ceremony was chaired by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, who was accompanied by Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Alicia Sánchez Carmona, Member of the Board, Fernando de Marta and Sebastián, Librarian of the AEPE, Ana Martínez Córdoba, Treasurer of the AEPE, Itziar Zabalza Murillo, Adviser to the President and numerous public, partners and friends.

The jury appointed for this occasion was composed of José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the AEPE and Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, Secretary General of the AEPE, acting as President and Secretary of the Jury, respectively, both with voice and without vote; and as Members Alicia Sánchez Carmona, Carmen Bonilla Carrasco and Antonio Téllez de Peralta, all of them directors of the AEPE, and Luisa Jiménez Garrudo, painter and partner of the AEPE chosen at random.
The participation of this call has been very high and the quality of the work presented has also been at the level of initial expectations, presenting an exhibition that as a whole stands out for the excellent quality of the works, which denotes the desire to overcome the participants for making this call one of the great examples of the moment in the city of Madrid.

The President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, wanted to thank the Madrid City Council, the District Board of Arganzuela and the Casa del Reloj Management for their interest in supporting the artists and highlights that the exhibition “It tries to be the reflection of artists today, giving visibility and representing their interests and concerns in artistic creation, offering it to society and the public as a way to understand and disseminate the art of painting and sculpture. “Solo Arte” pretends to be also a platform for experimentation, challenging the conventional in search of the new paths through which the most current art moves “.
Afterwards, the General Secretary of the AEPE, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, proceeded to read the minutes of the Selection and Qualification Jury, thus making known the prizes and the selected works, which have resulted in the following way:
José Antonio De la Peña Sensations Oil / canvas 60 x 45

Mª. Herminda White Gago. Meeting. Acrylic / canvas 60 x 60

Mariano Galán Ortega. Sunrise in the Puebla del Río. Watercolor / paper. 50 x 60

Cristina Sánchez. Beginning. Refractory clay. 40 x 28 x 22

Carmen Espinosa Soto. Just me. Stoneware. 48 x 17 x 10

The selected authors are the following:  Miguel Ney Alcántara Feliz – Joaquín Alarcón González – Juan Carlos Atroche Medina – Ethel Bergman Andersson – Carmen Brito Fernández – Tomi Caballero – Martina Cantero – Paloma Casado – Pilar Cortés López – Charo Crespo – Alicia Da Col – José Antonio De la Peña – Javier De Mota – Jesús Del Peso – Cristina Del Rosso – Sopetrán Doménech – Coro Eizaguirre Orbe – Carmen Espinosa Soto – José Luis Fiol Valero – M. Esther Flórez – J. Luis Flórez de Uria – M. Herminda Gago Blanco – Mariano Galán Ortega – Martha Lucila Gómez – M. Luisa González Gutiérrez – M. Luisa González Ossorio – Argentina González Tamames – Héctor López – Enrique López Sardón – Paulino Lorenzo Tardón – Javier Lledó – José Luis Martín de Blas – Ana Martínez Córdoba – Emilio Martínez Sánchez – Victoria Moreno – Antonio Municio – Ana Muñoz – Pilar Navamuel – Beatriz Olabarría del Corral – Mayte Ramos – Pura Ramos – Sergio Ribeiro – Daniel Rod – Cristina Sánchez – Avelina Sánchez-Carpio – Jorge A. Segovia Gabucio – Florian Stefan – Austión Tirado – Rosa Tortajada.


Exposición: Del 8 al 28 de diciembre de 2018

Inauguración: martes 11 de diciembre, a las 19 h.

Sala Primavera

Junta Municipal de Arganzuela

Paseo de la Chopera, 6.

28045 – Madrid

Horario: De lunes viernes de 9 a 20:30 h.

Sábados y domingos: de 10 a 14 h. y de 16 a 20:30 h.

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