Javier Sierra presented the secondseason of ‘Other Worlds’

The presentation was attended by the President and the Secretary General of the AEPE

The new season of the Other Worlds series by the writer from Javier Javier Sierra is here. IFEMA in Madrid welcomed the “prologue” to the second season on Monday night before a small number of people.

The first Vice President of the Government of Spain, Carmen Calvo, as well as Manuel Blasco, senator of the PP for Teruel, Mohamed El Gammal, counselor of the Egyptian Embassy in Spain, four Planet Awards: Fernando Sánchez Dragó, Carmen Posadas , Javier Moro and Espido Freire; historical novelists such as Almudena de Arteaga, Nacho Ares and Antonio Pérez Henares; essayists like Jesús Callejo, Enrique de Vicente, Ángel Gaona, Pedro Ortega, Nacho Ares and Manuel Berrocal, communicators such as Cristina López-Schlichting, Ignacio Elguero, Isabel Lobo; the President and the General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo and Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez; representative of the Spanish Society of Anthropology and Popular Traditions, Ramos Perera; representatives of the sport such as mountaineer César Pérez de Tudela and accredited professionals in the world of film and television.

After the presentation, it was the Egyptologist Nacho Ares who served as a guide in a private visit of a small group of friends, of the exhibition “Tutankhamun, the tomb and its treasures”, in which to continue the fantastic chapter with which the opening Second season of the series.

“The four chapters of the new series continue with the adventures of a young Javier Sierra and how he is gradually becoming interested, and with increasing intensity, in the mysteries that surround us,” Fernando Jerez told IFEMA, director of non-fiction content of Movistar +. “But what we can see this Christmas on channel # 0 is an Egyptian preamble to those chapters that will arrive in February. Sierra wanted to give us his passion for Egypt, which is also ours, approaching his favorite pharaonic enigmas in two special episodes that we will see on December 22 and 29, and then will be available on demand on our platform. ”

Javier Sierra explained that, how could it be otherwise, the first of those chapters – the one that was screened at the premiere in scoop – is dedicated to the night that Napoleon spent at the Great Pyramid of Giza in August 1799. “That history has become an obsession for me, ”he admitted.

“After I locked myself up one night in the Chamber of the King of the Great Pyramid trying to understand what happened to Napoleon in there, my perception of the world changed. Somehow I felt like dying… and whoever dies and returns from that trance, necessarily mutates. ” Sierra published a few years ago The Immortal Pyramid (Planet), a novel on this issue; He has now filmed this chapter entitled “The Pyramid Test,” and plans to launch a comic on the issue with NORMA Editorial at the end of 2020. “Yes. It is an obsession, ”he reaffirmed.

The new episodes feature remarkable cinematographic sequences shot inside the Great Pyramid and the Abydos temple, in southern Egypt. “The talent of director Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas stands out again, filming in places often hostile to state-of-the-art technological equipment, where recording is a feat,” said Sierra.

The pyramid test can be seen on channel # 0 next Sunday, December 22, at 10 pm. And a week later, The Enigma of Omm Seti, at the same time. For the rest, we will have to wait two months. Meanwhile, the shooting of the Other Worlds team.