Juan Alcalde received the “Medal of Honor” of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

The event was attended by the Infanta Elena

The last survivor of the School of Paris, painter and engraver Juan Mayor, yesterday received the Medal of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, surrounded by many friends and partners who do not want to miss this simple tribute which was also attended by the Infanta Elena, a friend and admirer of the artist.
The presidential table was made by the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo Lopez, by the Vice President of the centennial entity, Juan de la Cruz Pallares Garcia for the honoree, Juan Mayor, the General Secretary of the AEPE , Mª Dolores Pérez Barreda and the President of the Spanish Association of Art Critics, Tomas Paredes, who declined not miss the emotional event with such a great creator.

In addition to one of the sons of the honoree at the ceremony was attended by various members of the Board of the institution, as the Members Juan Manuel Lopez Reina, Alicia Sanchez Carmona, Alberto Martin Giraldo, Pedro Quesada, CFO Ana Martinez Córdoba and Librarian Fernando de Marta and Sebastian and the Advisory Presidency Itziar Zabalza Murillo, as well as various personalities like Francisco Molina, Director of Taller del Prado, the Director of Tritoma Cultural Management, José Luis Manzanares and many artists and members of the organization.

Full of personal and artistic references spent an emotional ceremony in which by way of introduction, the General Secretary, Maria Dolores Barreda Perez, made a brief tour of the artistic and career of renowned special emphasis on providing present a sketch summary of how Juan Alcalde, not only of his biography, with cold and distant data and dates, but introducing those present in life, thought and a little in the magical soul of the artist.
Dolores Mª Barreda concluded his presentation by saying that “John has been his own patron, has backed himself, believed in him, because all he has tried to be all his life is Juan Alcalde. So, far from schools, far from influences away from comparisons or friends interfere with this portrayal, far from similarities and analogies, today we honor who has tried to be all his life, and I would say it has succeeded Juan Mayor “.
For his part, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, reminded everyone that his art is characterized by the personal style that has made this painter a reference for the new creative generations in a lecture in which he explained why Juan Alcalde has earned this award, explaining that “the world of culture, society in general, we can not but acknowledge their contribution and recognize the creative art that underlies the back of all his work, in the that beats the original illusion that fits through life, making life pure beauty. That’s what this medal today aims to deliver you, be shared view of what you are and what we want through your work. Said Miguel de Unamuno, whose sensibility share each and every one of the works of Juan Alcalde, “the artist and especially men, will continue to speak through his work for the benefit and enjoyment of many generations.”

Then the President presented the Medal of Honor to Juan Alcalde, who got excited and said a few words to the audience in which he could only acknowledge the honor and declare themselves happy and excited by being there, and knowing real object a special attention.

It was then required to sign the Book of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, and did so with a firm, clear and neat handwriting, with the expectation of those present for the comments that at all times the honoree made and the that facetiously was about 99 years he had already served.

The Infanta Elena, sitting so far in the audience, went to congratulate the friend and artist and affectionately posed with members of the head table, and with few assistants and friends were in the act.
It may be recalled the many occasions when the royal family has attended events organized by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, considering that SS.MM. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia are the Honorary Chairmen of the century-old institution, which is about to convene the 52 Queen Sofia Prize for Painting and Sculpture.
He signed after the Infanta in the Book of Honor of the entity, just below the firm in the year 90 dedicated on the occasion of his visit to the traditional Salon d’Automne, and promised to assist in the extent possible, other acts entity.


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