The AEPE collaborated with INDIVI

Through the exhibition “What we do not see”, curated by Jorge García

On Wednesday, June 12, 2019, the student of the Master of Arts Education in Social and Cultural Institutions of the Universidad Complutense, Jorge García, carried out the project entitled “What we do not see”, with the collaboration of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and the INDIVI Association, an entity created for the integration of people with low vision or blindness.
Jorge García, creator of the project, curated an exhibition with 7 sculptural pieces belonging to the AEPE for the members of the INDIVI entity. Said show took place at the headquarters of our own entity.
In this act also participated as representatives of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Marta Nieto, restorer of the sculpture of Pedro Frías Alejandro and Matilde Parra de la Vera, both brilliant collaborators of the AEPE. Also, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the AEPE was Itziar Zabalza Murillo, member of the same as Adviser to the President.
The visit to the exhibition lasted around an hour and a half, and all those attending the event were more than satisfied. In fact, many of them commented that there are few entities that allow us to feel the works of art. The representatives of the AEPE that attended the event, were amazed by how they appreciated the qualities of the works that they themselves saw every day and did not realize them.
The project proposed and carried out by Jorge García was, of course, a wonderful initiative, since through this idea, he brought the art to many more people.
The work of the INDIVI association is very interesting and vital for society. From the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors we are delighted to return to collaborate with them in any other exhibition, event, or contest that we do from our institution.
Thank you very much for offering us the possibility to work with you.

Jorge García, creator and promoter of the project “What we do not see”; members of the INDIVI Association; Beatriz Larrea, author of a work belonging to the funds of our association; Marta Nieto Perea, restorer and collaborator of the AEPE; Matilde Parra de la Vera, collaborator of the AEPE; and Itziar Zabalza Murillo, member of the Board of Directors of AEPE