The AEPE wishes you a Merry Christmas

This is the message that the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, wishes to reach all partners and artists, on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.

«Generating opportunities.
So we have been working for years, providing opportunities for all artists to exhibit their art and demonstrate how much they are worth.
With magnificent competitions and exhibitions that become a unique and exclusive occasion to present to society the immense talent and quality of each and every one of the partners that make up this great family that is the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.
Spaces where talent and genius come together, effort and desire to share what is created … pure art with which to change a world that we can fill with color and joy.
And offer it to others, and share it and show that art is our life.
That is our satisfaction and the spirit that guides the history of our entity and that today more than ever, we offer to those around us, wishing them the best for their lives …
Desires that we share in these dates in which the Child God brings us together and makes it possible that together, we are able to renew the love and pride of belonging to one of the most prestigious artistic entities in Spain.
Thank you for trusting us and supporting us. ”

José Gabriel Astudillo López
and your Board of Directors wish you a Merry Christmas