Luis Jesús Labrador, AEPE award of the XXIX National Contest of Rapid Painting “Ciudad de Ávila”

On June 8, the XXIX National Contest of Rapid Painting “Ciudad de Ávila” was held and later, on June 9, the children’s and youth edition of the contest was held.

The Jury was formed by Mª Anunciación Guill Redondo, professor and President of Hogar de Ávila and Eugenio López Berrón, BA in BB.AA., acting as President and Secretary of the Jury, respectively, and as Members: Julia Sáez Angulo, Art Critic ; Pablo Reviriego Moreno, painter; Ángel Salamanca, painter and professor of drawing; Francisco López Soldado, painter and professor of Fine Arts, José Luis Huete, painter and Bachelor of Fine Arts and Ana Muñoz, painter.

After examining and deliberating on the selected works, the Jury agreed to award the work of Luis Jesús Labrador Blanco with the Prize of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, endowed with Medal and Diploma, and the award of the Hon. Ávila Town Hall endowed with 1,600 euros, went to Julio Gómez Mena. Other winners were: Vicente Soto Fernández, Juan Carlos Montesinos Aragonés, Blai Thomas Ibáñez, Piedad Santamaría, Juan José Vicente Ramírez, Gabriel Casarrubios and Gonzalo Prieto Cordero, who won different prizes each with 600 euros.

The more than 200 participating artists painted different buildings, corners and landscapes of the capital of Avila until 4:30 p.m. when they delivered their works, which were still on display in the Plaza de Santa Teresa where the awards were presented.

The painter who obtained the Prize of the AEPE, Luis J. Labrador is a quoted watercolourist of Segovia, who knows how to capture the light in his work, in which the drawing and the composition also stand out. Dedicated equally to painting and teaching, Labrador offers an eloquent blog so that students can continue their work at home. He resides in his hometown where he teaches painting classes and where he recreates the city on all four sides, as a good figurative painter and lover of his Castilian city. In his work, classical figuration is appreciated with a good invoice in the composition, color management and mastery of the watercolor technique.

In the children’s edition, the winners were Beltrán Talavera Amado, Celia Jiménez Díaz, Elena Rodríguez Sanchidrián, Carla Rodríguez Sanchidrián, Ana Jiménez González and Celia Díez Murcia.