Manuel Franch at the Louvre Carrousel

The artist and painter partner Manuel Franch, has exhibited his art in the International Contemporary Art Exhibition held in Paris, specifically in the Louvre Carrousel, from May 24 to 26, 2019.

There he has been together with works of more artists in the stand B61 of the Eka & Moor art gallery.

The works of Manuel Franch are always distinguished at first sight by their bullfighting theme, specifically by their suits of lights. Costumes full of details in their embroidery and with an impressive volume effect, although they are exempt from scenes of bullfighting violence, are works for all audiences.

Specifically, the work that is exhibited in this Paris salon is an acrylic on canvas, entitled “Gray and Gold” with dimensions of 73 x 60 centimeters. It was created in 2018 and it is a blue-gray jacket on a black background, with a great detail in the fabrics and a spectacular enhancement with the golds and a play of shadows that highlights the sleeve and shoulder.

This is probably one of the most prestigious exhibitions of Manuel Franch, along with that of Agora Gallery in New York (2013).