María Alonso Páez exhibits in Research and Art

Under the title of “Essentia”, the partner María Alonso Páez exhibits her latest works in the Art Room of Calle Santa María, 15 in Madrid, which can be seen until June 4.

It is rare to be aware of all the liquid that we can become, both in the strict sense of the percentage of water in our body (50 to 70%), and the changing behavior of our current society, where trends move with abrupt wateriness disruptive

Many times we will ask ourselves where our consistency comes from before we ask ourselves where our transparency comes from, which before adapting to the predetermined form that identifies us, dances, snakes, flows, spreads, slips through the cracks, and clears up the bones. Because we only come to peek briefly at the rapture.

That fleeting suspension is what now shows us clearly and efficiently the last series of Maria Alonso, being that “essentia” is revealed in the most diverse and suggestive forms and images. Fluids of areas, of colors, and of visual equilibriums, are shown in the planes that dissect each one of the compositions that you have created. There you can see rigor and passion, there you can find the drop that you lacked or exceeded.

The work of María Alonso is not the first time she has been in our space, we already showed a previous series in 2016. Her curriculum is full of individual exhibitions and collective events, such as; International Art Fair of Osaka, Japan. IV ART-MAISON Biennial at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid. Feria de Estampa, Madrid. Pisa Art Gallery in Milan. Museum of Contemporary Art MAR’S in Moscow. Abraço Gallery in Lisbon. International Trade Shows in Luxembourg, Paris. ArtMarbella, etc …

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