Pompeyo Curbelo participated in the 5th Art Biennial in Microformat

The artist Pompelo Curbelo Martín participated last December at the 5th Biennial of Art in Microformat, a collective exhibition that was held in the Hall Aires de Córdoba with the work entitled “Aires de Córdoba”, an oil painting of 20 x 20 cm. made in 2018.
This work represents the charms of the beautiful city of Cordoba, place of passage and meeting of many civilizations, where the colors and the cozy nature that surrounds this magical place mix. Its gardens, patios and bathrooms pride of a city declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where the gardens represent the delights, eternity, paradise and refuge and water the profound wisdom the purity and the source of life.
The mosque-cathedral of Córdoba makes its way through the clouds of our imagination, transporting us and making us feel a sense of peace that can not be described with words.
The work leaves open the possibility of being without being, of feeling without touching, of flying without having to open the wings.
The city of Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, cheerful and welcoming, adjectives that are manifested in all its splendor with the warm colors of the work. We must put this in relation to the human warmth and the cordiality that it offers and emphasizes the personal values ​​in the social relations open to the individual and his social environment. The warmth is a virtue of this city that exudes kindness and courtesy with everyone who knows it.