Saorín, author of the Jumilla 2020 Holy Week poster

On January 18, 2020, the 2020 Holy Week poster, as well as the original watercolor painting, was presented in the multipurpose hall of the Jumilla Ethnographic Museum, a work done by the Jumillano painter Jesús Lozano Saorin, artistically known for Saorin.

Verónica López González, member of the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of the Virgen de la Soledad, was the introducer of the act, in which Juana Guardiola Verdú, Mayor of Jumilla, Juan Francisco Martínez, President of the Central Board of Brotherhoods of the Holy Week, Juan García Sandoval, Director of the Regional Museum of Modern Art of Murcia, Jesús Lozano Saorin, Painter and author of the work, and Manuel de la Rosa González, Pastor of the Greater Santiago Church.

Numerous people attended the presentation, so much so, that there were people even on the stairs. Among the attendees were almost all of the Councilors of the City Council, as well as the different Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods, and of course, Cayetano Herrero, President of the Ethnographic Museum, where the Act was being held.

It would be very extensive to tell in detail how much the presenters of the event commented, not octante it must be said that Juana Guardiola, praised the poster, first that is done after the Declaration of International Tourist Interest of the Holy Week of Jumilla, and the author of it , and so did Juan Francisco Martínez.

Manuel de la Rosa told us about his own position in relation to Holy Week. And Juan García Sandoval, glossed his speech in the artistic presentation of Saorin.

Jesús Lozano Saorin in his speech, showed a series of images of the process of realization of watercolor painting, made for this purpose (“Impronta de la Pasión”, 53.57 x 75 cm.); while arguing the reason for having painted each of the elements and image that make up this work.

The Act was collected by the different media of Jumilla, as well as others from Murcia, with delegation or representation in the locality.

Finally, the participants posed for the many snapshots that were taken, to remember. Then a group of the assistants headed by the Mayor and the President of the Central Board of Brotherhoods, will go to the facilities where the Hermandad del Cristo Museum Moored to the Column is located, where it was provided with a local wine, while tasting an abundant appetizer.