Sopetrán Domènech exhibits in Guadalajara

Under the title “Fragmentos de realidad en sueño”, Sopetrán Doménech exposes her latest paintings and drawings from April 26 to May 28 in the Antonio Pérez Room of the San José Center of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara, located on the street Atienza, 4 of the capital of Alcarria, with hours from Monday to Saturday from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Sopetrán Domènech Llorente (Torre del Burgo, Guadalajara) Painter, draftsman, illustrator, designer, in continuous evolution, oil is the main subject of his creations and the brush his favorite tool, although he dominates many other materials and techniques, such as drawing, the inks, the acrylics, the airbrushing …

His painting has evolved towards a magical-symbolic surrealism, without which we can affirm that his works are clearly surrealist. “Emanates his stylistics of a net and personal interpretation and interrelation of the surreal and the symbolic where the subconscious and oneiric, the fantastic and psychic, the irrational and magical remain exalted. Universe his between the neosimbolista and surreal …, fetishist in images, geometric in modulations, allegorical, communicative and gestural in figures “, in the words of the critic Vicent Galdón.

Self-taught and independent, in the broadest sense of the word. His painting has gone and continues to discover new themes, ideas, techniques and materials. Think that any element can become part of a plastic creation.

The title of this exhibition: “Fragments of reality in dream” reflects the idea that every painting does not stop being a fragment composed of real or dreamed biases. For a creator, the reality with which he lives every day is merged with dream, imagination and fantasy without limits, trapping him.

The look always alert around him; shapes, colors, harmony, imbalance, … measure, compare, abstract, create. First of all, look for the beauty, the emotion of the work, natural or created by the hand of man, ancient or modern, which is offered to the five senses and captures its essence projecting it on a tangible surface. Investigate, elaborate, discover, play … with disparate materials, sometimes surprising, giving them a purpose for which they never dreamed of being created.

Belonging to the National Association of Painters and Sculptors, currently feels more committed, if possible, with what has been a large part of his life: the creation of art, especially painting and drawing.

This exhibition, in the Antonio Pérez Room, shows, in its majority, new works, several of large format and related to musical themes. Therefore, for its inauguration, a musical evening will be held by the young pianist Mar Sánchez Domènech who will perform works by Bach, Mozart and Liszt; once again the arts are united to form a creative whole.

In recent years he has made numerous group exhibitions. To mention only some of the last decade, in 2011, at the international level, as it had previously done for America and other European places, it extends its activity by Italian lands exhibiting in Rome and Signa, receiving in 2012, in Florence, the ” LIBERTY Award. Nuova Corrente Artistica “for its stylistic contribution to art and in 2016 the” ART IMPERO “trophy in Palermo.

In 2014 he received the Diploma of Honor from the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, to which he belongs since 1993. His work is selected by this Association to participate in the tribute to “El Greco” with an itinerant exhibition that began in Toledo and toured several rooms of the Castilian-La Mancha region throughout 2014/2015. In 2015 it is also selected by this same Association to be part of the “Cervartes” exhibition, similar to the previous one, which is celebrated on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes and the publication of the second part of “Don Quixote” .

For 2020, he plans his next individual at the Eduardo Chicharro Room located on Infantas street in Madrid and the headquarters of AEPE.

The illustration can be considered as another very important aspect of his work: Books, magazines, posters, brochures, postmarks … It is worth mentioning an anthology by the writer Carmen Conde, who was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy of the Language, entitled “MEMORIA PUESTA EN OLVIDO” (Editorial Torremozas, Madrid, 1987), “AMOR CONTEMPORÁNEO” (1991) by Soledad Santamaría; “WITH THE SOUL AT CUESTAS”, with a prologue by Dr. Odón Betanzos (1984) and “EL OCASO DEL POETA” (1995) by the Argentine Beatriz Lagos, his participation in an edition of “EL QUIJOTE entre todos” (AACHE Ediciones, 1999) in which artists of the stature of Andrés Berlanga, José Luis Pecker, Antonio Mingote, José Luis Cabañas, Oscar Pinar …, “REQUIEM FOR FREEDOM” by Ángeles García-Madrid, with prologue by Alfonso Guerra participated. (Editorial Alianza Hispánica, Madrid, 2003), “CHRONICLE OF A BAND. History of the Brihuega Music Band “(2011) by musicologist Laura Sánchez Domènech,” POEMS TO THE WIND “by Demetria Leal Sanz (2012). In 2015, “EL SUEÑO DE KATIA” Book / album. A musical story with text by Mar Sánchez-Doménech and original music by the pianist Velasco Sánchez Domènech. The narrative of the story in the audio is by the actor Manuel Galiana and the piano performance is by Velasco himself, composer of music.

Among the magazines include among others “Alaluz” published by the University of California (Riverside)

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