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Maxam presented his 2019 calendar

The MAXAM Foundation inaugurated the Vanitas Exhibition on October 30, a show based on the work of Alfonso Albacete and which includes some of the most outstanding pieces of the MAXAM Painting Collection, with artists such as Arturo Mélida, Cecilio Plá, Julio Romero de Torres, Eduardo Arroyo and Pedro Batalla Xatruch. On a regular basis, the Maxam Foundation presented its…read more →

The Open Door Day of the AEPE was held

The President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, welcomed the members and artists, “all friends, we form this great family” in the celebration of the Open Day that coincides with the celebration of the Patron of the AEPE, San Lucas, took place last Friday. The talk was very animated and relaxed, and attendees were able…read more →