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Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, Perpetual Secretary of the AEPE

Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez received on November 7, 2019 an unexpected surprise when, in the framework of the jury’s decision, awards ceremony and inauguration of the 86th Autumn Salon of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, the most artistic event Ancient and prestigious of all those summoned in Spain, he received the title of “Perpetual Secretary” of the centenary…read more →

The AEPE, present in the exhibition of the ABC Museum “Dibujantas”

Through the work contributed by the General Secretary, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez The exhibition of the pioneering artists of the illustration is the first collective exhibition that brings together a total of 138 works of teachers The exhibition ‘Dibujantas. Pioneers of illustration ‘, which from May 28 to September 22 can be visited at the ABC Museum in Madrid, brings…read more →

Luis Alberto de Cuenca visited the AEPE

The philologist, poet, translator, essayist, columnist, critic, literary editor, researcher and musical lyricist Luis Alberto de Cuenca Prado, visited last Friday the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. In the course of the visit, the President of the centenary entity, José Gabriel Astudillo and the Secretary General of the AEPE, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, discovered the author,…read more →

The Minister of Culture and the AEPE hold a working meeting

Yesterday Monday December 11, at 11 h. attended the office of the Minister of Culture, Education and Sports, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo López, the Vice President of the entity, Juan de la Cruz Pallarés García, the General Secretary of the AEPE, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez and the…read more →