A project of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors carried out by the Community of Madrid

Last November, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors held an interview with the Director General of Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Carlos Chaguaceda, in which he explained the idea of ​​making the best hotels in the capital A large exhibition hall where the members of the centenary entity could show their works and also serve as a complaint and encouragement to visitors and customers.


The idea, which was not only liked by the General Directorate, but which was supported by the Hotel Business Association of Madrid since its inception, has been profiled until the official inauguration of a first “pilot experience” Place on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, coinciding with ARCO.

For this, AEPE has been insisting its partners for some years, in which artists send photographs of their works and above all, keep us informed about the availability of them, so that at any time Can count on your participation in this and in many other projects that we carry out.

The transformation carried out by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors in the last four years and which has placed it as one of the main institutions generating culture and art throughout Spain, presents a project that has wanted to be baptized as “HOTELS WITH ARTE “, born with the support of the Community of Madrid and the Hotel Business Association of Madrid, in which the centenary entity, which groups together the best Spanish artists, has searched for incredible and special spaces in which to display their works.


Hotels with art represent the best spirit of collaboration between entities and the interaction of these with artists, and promises a continuity in time so that each hotel adhering to the project, can present an art space to its visitors in an exclusive way.


The hotels thus offer guests a stay among authentic works of the best contemporary art with all the comforts of a hotel of high standing. It is about offering the guests an unforgettable experience: being able to rest in magnificent facilities surrounded by precious works of art of the best artists of the moment.

The project now reaches its plenitude coinciding with ARCO and consists of the inclusion of different pictorial or sculptural pieces (depending on the facilities and available space) in the common areas of the hotel, so that it is possible to bring contemporary art closer to the greatest number Possible of people, giving the opportunity to guests and visitors in general, to interact with art.

The first of the exhibitions that served as a “pilot experience” took place on February 21 and has brought to ten hotels in Madrid the work of eleven of the best painters and sculptors of the moment, artists of recognized prestige, members of the Spanish Association Of Painters and Sculptors. Among the most outstanding pieces are two works by Auguste Rodin, spectacular sculptures of the Codina Casting that will delight the public in comparison with the avant-garde work of the painter Manuel Gracia, already consolidated in the national and international exhibition circuit.


Also worthy of note is the presence of the sculptor José Luis Fernández, author of the Goya awards statues or the Dalinian symbolism of Alejandro Aguilar Soria, disciplinary author ranging from the most classic works to the most avant-garde visual poetry, passing through the jovial vision of Sonia Home in destructured landscapes and the veteran colorist perception of maestro Ramón Córdoba, whose outdoor painting is well known in Spain.

The animal motifs of enormous strength and expression run from the hand of Güiomar Alvarez de Toledo, while the absolute finesse and the grandeur of the sculpture of Andres Lasanta, gives force to a composition that nobody will leave indifferent. So it is with the master Luis Javier Gayá, whose buildings in Madrid are the excuse to display an art so methodical and portentous that it astonishes with its formats and well-known views.

The watercolor is present thanks to the renowned Beatriz de Bartolomé, whose watercolors are recognized in the continuous samples that her art has been doing regularly, while also discover the collection of “Girls” that gathers in his work the artist Jesus Soler, in A reason studied, exercised and that serves as an excuse to unravel the peculiarities of his special way of understanding art.


In this way, ten of the best hotels in Madrid will offer art lovers an experience of contemporary art like no other space before it, in a joint action that seeks to welcome visitors to the city in a Unique and special environment full of magic that infuse the spectacular works that will be exhibited.

The list of artists and hotels is as follows: Hotel Artiem. Sonia Casero Lázaro; Hotel NH Abascal. Ramón Córdoba Calderón; Gran Melia Fénix. Giomar Alvarez de Toledo; Rafael Hotels. Andrés Lasanta; Gran Melia Palace of the Dukes. Luis Javier Gayá; NH Colon. Beatriz de Bartolomé; NH Palacio de Tepa. Manuel Gracia and José Luis Fernández; Wellington. Auguste Roden and Manuel Gracia; Hotel Opera. Alejandro Aguilar Soria; Hotel Girls. Jesus Soler.







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