The AEPE Honorary Member, Javier Sierra, names the Teruel Library

The State Public Library of Teruel has been named after the Turolense writer and Honorary Member of the AEPE Javier Sierra since September, and since last Saturday, December 28, he also shows it on the official plaque on the left of the entrance.

The 2017 Planeta Prize, accompanied by his family, by former schoolmates and by representatives of the government of Aragon and the government of the State, and by councilors of the City Council, participated in the official act of presentation, in which the plaque was uncovered with the name of Javier Sierra and the first stamps were stamped on some of the volumes recently acquired by the center.

Since the Ministerial Order CUB / 942/2019 of September 4 was published, on the initiativefrom the Library of Teruel and at the request of the Government of Aragon, which transferred the request to the Ministry, Javier Sierra is the only living writer who names one of the 53 State libraries.

The Turolense admitted that yesterday was an “exciting” day. “I learned to read literature inthis house, ”he explained. “My first card, with eight years, was from this house, and now bearing my name is absolutely exciting.” Javier Sierra said he never dreamed of seeing his name inscribed in the name of the library that enlightened him as an inveterate reader and budding writer.

Javier Sierra transmitted one of the ideas that somehow have accompanied him since childhood, as simple as that “everything is possible.” “It doesn’t matter how small the place you are at is. Perseverance, working with quality, good study and doing things with responsibility make it possible.

Hopefully the name that is on the facade of the Library today serves to remind us of that. I am Javier, one more neighbor of Teruel ”.

The Library that today bears the name of Javier Sierra is the depository of his Literary Legacy, which began to be built in 2007 and today covers almost 300 works of all kinds, in all formats and more than 40 languages. Mar Sarto, director of the center and who led the official act yesterday, recalled that “a legacy of this category prestige to a library, and therefore the most important libraries in the country often go after the creators to obtain them.” The writer assured that this relationship will not in the future but be strengthened, and said that “I would like that in the future, part of what is now my work material, my notes, my collection of photographs, everything that has served me to build my literary universe, I also ended up deposited here. ”

Javier Sierra, in addition to the 2017 Planeta Prize and numerous literary awards has the Medal of San Jorge of the Provincial Council of Teruel and the title of Favorite Son of Teruel, and also gives name to a public park in his hometown, in addition to having He was recently appointed Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, on the occasion of the celebration of the 86th Autumn Salon in Madrid’s Parque del Retiro.

On the other hand, the delegate of the Government of Spain in Aragon, Carmen Sánchez Pérez, excused the absence of José Guirao, Minister of Culture and congratulated Javier Sierra on his behalf for “the work of ambassador of Aragonese and Turolense culture that he does for everything the world, which has led to the recognition of his work in life and in his own land ”, something that“ is not always easy in Aragon ”.

In the official presentation ceremony of the Javier Sierra de Teruel Public Library the writer was accompanied by his parents Pablo and Amparo, his wife Eva and their children Martín and Sofía, andn addition to friends and representatives of the political and cultural life of Teruel or writers such as José Luis Corral or Raúl Carlos Maícas.

Source: Diario de Teruel

The distinction of Javier Sierra, in the Diario de Teruel

The cover of the Diario de Teruel of November 12, 2019, echoes the news of the recognition of the Turolense Javier Sierra as Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Inside, the news expands and we discover how everything related to the writer is reported in his hometown, the most prominent example of a “prophet in his land,” who recently also received the distinction of Teruel’s Favorite Son, which has a park near the neighborhood where he lived that now bears his name, and that houses the legacy of Javier Sierra in the Public Library of Teruel, which since September, was officially renamed the State Public Library in Teruel Javier Sierra.

As we can see, any news related to one of his most illustrious “children” interests and even more so when it comes to a distinction such as that of Honor Partner, going to swell the list of names among which kings appear, such as Alfonso XIII or the Queen María Cristina, to patrons like the Duke of Alba or the Marquis of Aledo, personalities from the world of culture as writers, composers, art critics and gallery owners such as José Francés or Antonio Cobos and artists such as Eugenio Hermoso, Benedito, Vázquez Díaz. ….