The AEPE Honorary Member, Javier Sierra, names the Teruel Library

The State Public Library of Teruel has been named after the Turolense writer and Honorary Member of the AEPE Javier Sierra since September, and since last Saturday, December 28, he also shows it on the official plaque on the left of the entrance.

The 2017 Planeta Prize, accompanied by his family, by former schoolmates and by representatives of the government of Aragon and the government of the State, and by councilors of the City Council, participated in the official act of presentation, in which the plaque was uncovered with the name of Javier Sierra and the first stamps were stamped on some of the volumes recently acquired by the center.

Since the Ministerial Order CUB / 942/2019 of September 4 was published, on the initiativefrom the Library of Teruel and at the request of the Government of Aragon, which transferred the request to the Ministry, Javier Sierra is the only living writer who names one of the 53 State libraries.

The Turolense admitted that yesterday was an “exciting” day. “I learned to read literature inthis house, ”he explained. “My first card, with eight years, was from this house, and now bearing my name is absolutely exciting.” Javier Sierra said he never dreamed of seeing his name inscribed in the name of the library that enlightened him as an inveterate reader and budding writer.

Javier Sierra transmitted one of the ideas that somehow have accompanied him since childhood, as simple as that “everything is possible.” “It doesn’t matter how small the place you are at is. Perseverance, working with quality, good study and doing things with responsibility make it possible.

Hopefully the name that is on the facade of the Library today serves to remind us of that. I am Javier, one more neighbor of Teruel ”.

The Library that today bears the name of Javier Sierra is the depository of his Literary Legacy, which began to be built in 2007 and today covers almost 300 works of all kinds, in all formats and more than 40 languages. Mar Sarto, director of the center and who led the official act yesterday, recalled that “a legacy of this category prestige to a library, and therefore the most important libraries in the country often go after the creators to obtain them.” The writer assured that this relationship will not in the future but be strengthened, and said that “I would like that in the future, part of what is now my work material, my notes, my collection of photographs, everything that has served me to build my literary universe, I also ended up deposited here. ”

Javier Sierra, in addition to the 2017 Planeta Prize and numerous literary awards has the Medal of San Jorge of the Provincial Council of Teruel and the title of Favorite Son of Teruel, and also gives name to a public park in his hometown, in addition to having He was recently appointed Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, on the occasion of the celebration of the 86th Autumn Salon in Madrid’s Parque del Retiro.

On the other hand, the delegate of the Government of Spain in Aragon, Carmen Sánchez Pérez, excused the absence of José Guirao, Minister of Culture and congratulated Javier Sierra on his behalf for “the work of ambassador of Aragonese and Turolense culture that he does for everything the world, which has led to the recognition of his work in life and in his own land ”, something that“ is not always easy in Aragon ”.

In the official presentation ceremony of the Javier Sierra de Teruel Public Library the writer was accompanied by his parents Pablo and Amparo, his wife Eva and their children Martín and Sofía, andn addition to friends and representatives of the political and cultural life of Teruel or writers such as José Luis Corral or Raúl Carlos Maícas.

Source: Diario de Teruel

The distinction of Javier Sierra, in the Diario de Teruel

The cover of the Diario de Teruel of November 12, 2019, echoes the news of the recognition of the Turolense Javier Sierra as Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Inside, the news expands and we discover how everything related to the writer is reported in his hometown, the most prominent example of a “prophet in his land,” who recently also received the distinction of Teruel’s Favorite Son, which has a park near the neighborhood where he lived that now bears his name, and that houses the legacy of Javier Sierra in the Public Library of Teruel, which since September, was officially renamed the State Public Library in Teruel Javier Sierra.

As we can see, any news related to one of his most illustrious “children” interests and even more so when it comes to a distinction such as that of Honor Partner, going to swell the list of names among which kings appear, such as Alfonso XIII or the Queen María Cristina, to patrons like the Duke of Alba or the Marquis of Aledo, personalities from the world of culture as writers, composers, art critics and gallery owners such as José Francés or Antonio Cobos and artists such as Eugenio Hermoso, Benedito, Vázquez Díaz. ….


Javier Sierra, Honorary Partner of the AEPE

The journalist, bestselling author and Javier Planeta Novel Award, regular collaborator of the AEPE, received last November 7, 2019, the title of Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, in the framework of the inauguration of the 86th Autumn Salon organized by this centennial entity, the oldest and most prestigious artistic contest of all those that are convened in Spain.

The event, which took place in the Casa de Vacas of Madrid’s Buen Retiro Park, was attended by many artistic personalities, such as the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Community of Madrid, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, accompanied by its Board of Directors, members of the Jury such as Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE and artists such as Eduardo Naranjo, Alejandro Aguilar Soria, Ricardo Sanz, Paula Varona, José Vicente Moreno Huart, Tomás Paredes … municipal authorities and the general public.

The award was presented by the Secretary General of the AEPE, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, who proceeded to read the minutes in which it is stated that:

“The Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, meeting in ordinary session on June 18, 2019, has unanimously agreed to grant the title of SOCIO DE HONOR to Javier Sierra, whose collaboration and close friendship with the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors is becoming stronger and more committed.

“Journalist and writer, whose human profile surpasses the professional; man of integrity, simple, human, helpful, humble, attentive, whose smile triggers unusual diplomacies, and who like himself likes to describe himself, has the job of curious.

In recognition of his friendship and exemplarity, his enormous prestige and for having contributed in a relevant way to the significance of our entity, appreciating the activities that the association promotes and responding to the foundational objectives of fostering relations between the art world and the creation.

As a sign of our gratitude for their continued support, accompaniment and complicity in the work of this Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, and in recognition of their trajectory in the field of research and dissemination of art, highlighting the contribution that with their works He has managed to bring the world of art closer to millions of readers around the world.

To all the artists, he has also seduced us in a game of intrigues and mysteries of which he is a master, but above all, he has launched a special invitation to the world to visit one of the best art galleries such as the Prado Museum, with which he is Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has always kept a close relationship, since some of its Presidents were also directors of it.

That millions of people discover through their pen wonderful works of art under a new vision, it is the great legacy that we thank today through this appointment that prides not only our entity, our Partners and friends, but artists all over the world. world.

It is in this way that we would like to thank you for pushing us to find the soul of each artist through his works and making art a window to the invisible, to the truly valuable that the human being harbors.

For all this, we are pleased to name Javier Sierra, Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors. ”

Afterwards, Javier Sierra collected from the hands of José Gabriel Astudillo, President of the AEPE, the accrediting diploma and a plaque, while the applause of an enthusiastic audience resonated and who has valued the work that a writer of his prestige and what this means worldwide.

For his part, Javier Sierra recalled the occasions in which he has collaborated directly with the centenary entity and especially appreciated the effort he makes to continue supporting the world of creation in Spain with such an important and impressive background.

His special collaboration with the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors began in 2014, when at the headquarters of the centennial entity, he presented for the first time to a specialized audience, composed of painters, restorers, art critics and artists in general, the novel The Master of the Prado.

As Javier Sierra himself said at the time, it was the first time since the novel was published, which was aimed especially at an audience consisting mainly of painters, that is, those who tell the stories he has told with his canvases wanted to unravel in his book, making them notice the importance of how much they paint for all those who observe his works.

In the month of June 2014, the AEPE held an end of course party, a special day of open doors attended by the students of the Portrait Workshop, friends, partners and artists who wanted to make a great session in which they painted who wanted to pose for the occasion, and in which we had an exceptional model such as the well-known writer and journalist Javier Sierra, who maintains a close relationship with the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors of collaboration and unconditional support.

But there was also another surprise and that is that the television network Telemadrid, wanted to live with us the exciting session and this was reflected in its news of 9, with a report prepared by the journalist Teresa Iborra, who approached all viewers the reality of the portrait in Spain.

There is a circumstance that this was the first time that television entered our headquarters in Infantas Street. It is true that many other events organized by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors have already been on television, but this was the first time that our headquarters did.

Javier Sierra, who was delighted to pose for such a varied turnout, delighted those gathered there and was, as usual, attentive, kind, solicitous and patient, declaring to feel “very honored” to make an impromptu model .

In September of that same year, Javier Sierra surprised us by mentioning the centennial Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors in the book that had just seen the light “The Immortal Pyramid”, the last book by Javier Sierra in which Napoléon faces one of man’s greatest desires: eternal life. In 2002 Sierra published “Napoleon’s Egyptian Secret”, but this time it was a complete, improved review of a rewrite of that adventure, with a better plot and new characters.

The generosity of its author towards our entity, led him to include the full name of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors in the Acknowledgments section, where José Gabriel Astudillo and Mª Dolores Barreda are mentioned as President and Secretary General respectively. As the author told us, he could have mentioned them individually and privately, but he preferred to give back part of the love he has always received from artists and partners.

Javier Sierra counted for the edition of this book with the special collaboration of José Gabriel Astudillo, who made four drawings of some bas-reliefs, which is why it also appears in the first pages of it.

Already in March 2015, Javier Sierra did not hesitate to accept the invitation of the AEPE to be part of the Jury of the 50th Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture, repeating his collaboration in the editions of the 51, 52, 53 and 54 Reina Sofía Prize.

Javier Sierra (Teruel, 1971) is not only one of the most translated fiction authors of recent times – around a quarantine of languages ​​- but he is the only Spanish writer who has managed to climb the bestseller list of The New York Times He entered the coveted top ten in 2006 with The Secret Dinner.

Expert of the historical enigma thriller and author of a dozen books between novels and essays, Sierra has more than a decade proving his radio and television communicator skills, as a Tertullian, regular collaborator or even director of several programs for the little girl screen, always around the mystery and the past. Among his works, in addition to the aforementioned bestseller, The Secret Dinner (2004), the novels The Master of the Prado (2013) and The Immortal Pyramid (2014), without neglecting his essay production with great acceptance by the public with titles such as La forbidden route and other enigmas of History (2007) and In Search of the Golden Age (2000).

Javier Sierra may well boast of being “a prophet in his land”, since last year he received the title of Favorite Son of Teruel, and this year a park was inaugurated in his honor in the city of Teruel, in the neighborhood of El Carrel in which the writer lived between 1978 and 1985, and as a brilliant climax, since September 2019, the public library of the city of Teruel is called the State Public Library in Teruel Javier Sierra.

With the delivery of this distinction, the AEPE wants to recognize its special involvement with an artistic institution very honored to have friends and collaborators who value the work that involves having captained the artistic work of twentieth-century Spain and have managed to get renewed and current to the 21st century.

Javier Sierra, habitual collaborator of the AEPE, named “Son predilect” of Teruel

The bestselling author Javier Sierra, regular contributor to the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and winner of the LXVI Planeta Prize for the novel 2017 with the work “The invisible fire”, collected on September 19, in a solemn act, the title of “Son Favorite of the City of Teruel “, town that saw him be born, which was held in the church of San Pedro.
The plenary session of the City council of Teruel approved unanimously the past 7 of May said distinction. At that time, the mayor, Emma Buj, stressed that this Teruel serves as an excellent ambassador for his city, promoting Teruel and helping in everything he can “even in things you do not see”. Buj also made reference to the recognized professional prestige of the last Planeta Award, as well as to its human quality. One hundred percent of the people to whom the endorsement was requested for the appointment, in a total of 92, presented writings supporting the distinction.
Among these endorsements, the one of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, who did not hesitate to contribute the experience that the centenary entity maintains with the author, in an affectionate and endearing letter that is already part of the appointment file.
The Planeta Award tour has led Javier Sierra to travel more than 87,000 km since he won that prestigious award in October last year.
The event was attended, in addition to the City Council in full, institutional representatives, former mayor of the city, different personalities from the world of culture (including several writers who received the Planeta Award in previous editions), as well as fellow students in his Teruel stage, among others.