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Convened the 87 Autumn Hall of the AEPE

The centennial entity bets on art despite t

he moments of uncertainty that we live


The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has just called what will be the 87th edition of the Autumn Salon, the oldest and most prestigious event of all those that are held in Spain, making public the rules that will govern the event.

As usual, the call is focused on the plastic arts and the promotion of new values ​​in a call open to all artists, whether or not they are associated, although only members may attend the honorary awards that take the name of the founders of the centennial Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors works in a line of innovative culture, that is, it does not seek a display of awards that represent an economic endowment, but rather an excellence that is transformed into disclosure of the work and the artist, and that, as he confesses the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, means not endowing the prizes financially, but being creative and channeling those selected and awarded on the difficult path of artistic creation.

This is manifested in the way of understanding art in a society, acquiring a commitment of support and new opportunities to those who manage to be visible through the Autumn Salon, empowering their artistic project in a way that supports artists with resources in the that is clearly and forcefully committed to his work.

Recognizing talent is just what entities like Tritoma Cultural Management, the Getafe City Council, the Baluarte Room of the Tres Cantos City Council, Codina Escultura, Encuentro Real Estate Agents, Santiago de Santiago and the Spanish Association of Watercolor Painters, who come together in this new edition, are seeking. of the Autumn Salon, next to the Madrid City Council, which will exhibit the selected and awarded works at the Casa de Vacas in Madrid’s Parque del Retiro from October 29 to November 29 next.

In addition, as also happened since 2017, the Down Madrid Painting Medal is included, which will be awarded to one of its artists, and which is a clear example of inclusion of this group in the world of fine arts, so that the winner will see his work exhibited in the Casa de Vacas along with the rest of professional and new artists. A great opportunity to make visible a group endowed with extraordinary sensitivity.

The bases of the 87 Autumn Salon contemplate the modalities of painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving and watercolor, among which a total of 21 prizes will be distributed, distributed in ten prizes of free access (two specific for sculpture, one for watercolor and the rest of painting and sculpture indistinctly) and eleven more honorary awards, reserved for AEPE members (four for painting, four for sculpture, one for watercolor, one for drawing and one for engraving).

The publication of the bases does not imply that the deadline for the presentation of works is open, which can be verified in the week of September 28 to next October 2, and it is contemplated that all artists may attend with works of theme and free technique.

Each participant may present as many works as they deem appropriate, in formats adapted to facilitate greater participation, since the minimum size of the works will be 46 cm, and the maximum size will be 200.

Among all the participants, there will be a selection of works that will make up the exhibition of award-winning and selected works from the 87th Autumn Salon, which can be seen at the Casa de Vacas in Madrid’s Parque del Buen Retiro, and which in recent editions has managed to generate great expectations due to the high quality of the collected works.

The rules and the registration form can now be downloaded from this website, “Contests and Prizes” tab, “Rules” subtab, and on the same tab, “Autumn Salon” subtab and right here, below.


Bases 87 Salón de Otoño 2020


Visual image by Alejandro Aguilar Soria

always in our memories

Dear family of partners and friends of the AEPE:

After going through very hard moments that we have managed to overcome … with a lot of art !!!, we must stop along the way and remember all those who have finished their journey with us and who will accompany us forever in our hearts. They now watch over us and come to inspire our work and our work, to set an example for us and to enlighten us on a path that many times is difficult for us …

We have all noticed a lack around us, a loved one, family member, friend, acquaintance … and so many strangers who scream at us and hold our soul, but inspire us with hope for a future that they dreamed of and that is now ours.

We mourn her departure and we offer this show of recognition to those who are suffering it most severely, especially to the associates and friends linked to whom we form this great family of art that will forever remember them.

May her eternal rest help our fatigue.

We not only publish obituaries of those artists of recognized fame.

For us, they are all equally important because we were all united by a common interest: art.

For all of them, for those who have accompanied us on this unique path, for those who have shared some moment of their lives with us, for those who have had a smile for us, or have
crossed if you want from afar with our wandering, for all, this show of sincere affection and respect for those who will be forever in our memory and in our hearts.


José Gabriel Astudillo López


Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors


Inauguration of the virtual exhibition of the Valdepeñas Spring Salon

On July 3, 2020, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors will open what is now the third virtual exhibition in its 110-year history.
For this, the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, has sent a communication to all the members in which they are invited to go to this same web page, in the tab “Contests and Awards”, sub-tab «Spring Salon de Valdepeñas », where a gallery of almost two hundred photographs of the works that have been submitted to this call will hang.
In his communication, he tells us:
“At the beginning of March the XIV Spring Salon of Valdepeñas was convened” Through the lands of Castilla La Mancha “of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, which was to be held in June 2020, at the Municipal Museum of a specially linked city to the art world.
We did not expect that an event like the one that is shaking the world and especially Spain, would alter our lives in this way and change us as much as the way of making and sharing art.
Shortly after the pandemic began, we understood that it was useless to even hold the exhibition, when the 55 Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture and the Casa del Reloj, the 110 AEPE exhibition, still hung on the walls of the Casa de Vacas, that celebrated the anniversary of the foundation of our institution.
With the desire to continue transmitting art, to share art, to create and recreate the world, we undertook actions to turn this great event into a great virtual exhibition of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, with which partners and friends, lovers of art, we continue to make history.
The current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 crisis have caused a large number of companies or entities to cease their activity. The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has continued to work to give visibility to artists and promote art, all through a series of virtual tools that help us meet their goals.
With the digital world as a border, we decided to continue with the scheduled exhibitions, in order to celebrate the XIV Spring Salon of Valdepeñas “Through the lands of Castilla La Mancha” of the AEPE, virtually through the different means of promotion with those that AEPE has been working on for years: the website, the YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Arts & Culture.
Participation was completely free, so that all those who had already paid for the registration were reimbursed the amount, taking into account that in this exceptional case no prizes will be awarded.
Without any limitation in terms of technique, format and theme, the artists show us the best of their art, of themselves, in a luxurious showcase that, I am convinced, will surprise everyone.
We thus celebrate this virtual exhibition with such exceptional circumstances, but with the intention of making this appointment a well-deserved meeting whose result is what we can see in this magnificent exhibition and in which we managed to make this appointment a great opportunity to present talent and the quality of each and every one of the members of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, whom I am especially honored to represent.
Undoubtedly, it is a unique opportunity to participate in exhibitions that will remain forever on the web, with which the AEPE continues to make history.
As I was saying, this is the time to leave our mark on history.
And together, we are doing it.

José Gabriel Astudillo López
Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors


List of participants in the virtual exhibition of the
XIV Valdepeñas Spring Show


Luis Andrés Acevedo Manso

Cristina Agulló Técles

Aracely Alarcón

Margarita Algora

Susana Alonso de Sousa (Alonso de Sousa)

Ramos Andrés

Katia Ares Calderón (Kate Ares)

Isabel Artieda López

Alejandro Aynós Romero

Sabela Baña

Beatriz de Bartolomé

Leonor Berlanga

Joaquín Besoy

Carmen Bonilla Carrasco

Jalal Boudra

Tomi Caballero

Irene Cantalejo

Martina Cantero

Pilar Carballedo

Paloma Casado

David Centelles Calvo

José Manuel Chamorro

Ángeles Cifuentes Serrano

Concepción Cortés

Pilar Cortes

Enrique Delgado

Héctor Delgado Millán

Antonio Denis Vázquez

María Xesús Díaz

Higinio Díaz Marta-Garrón (Gini)

Francisco Díaz Tripiana

Sopetrán Domènech

Carmen Durán

Magdalena España

Carmen Espinosa

José Carmelo Esteban Gracia (Carmelo Esteban)

Marta M. Estévez Jorge (Marta Estévez)

Olga Feliú Escudero

Diego Fernández

Rosa Fernández

Karlos Fernández Eguía (Karfer Eguía)

Sara Fernández Giménez (Sara Ruano)

Sarah Ferreira

Mª Dolores Flores Verdú (Flor Verdú)

Mª Esther Flórez

Herminda Gago Blanco

Félix Gala

Susana García Bravo

Fernando García de Juan

Guillermo García García (Majin Willy)

María García García (M. García García)

Ana García Pulido (Anayë)

Álvaro García Santamaría

José Clemente Gascón Martínez

Pedro Gómez

Olga Gómez Hernández

Juan Rafael Gómez Mena (Mena)

José Miguel González Delgado

Mª Luisa González Ossorio

Juan Antonio González Sáiz (Juanchi)

Agustín Gonzaléz Salvador

Argentina González Tamames

Marien de Haro

Manuel Hernández

Alirio Infante

Antonio Izquierdo Ortega

Juan Jiménez

Juan José Jiménez Sánchez

Mónica Jimeno

Francisco Javier Langa

Rosa Mª Lecumberri

Liv Likart

Ignasi Lisicic

Alejandro López García (Kastro)

Enrique López Sardón

Juan Manuel López-Reina Coso

Ian Lorenzo

Paulino Lorenzo Tardón (Paulino L. Tardón)

Carlos Losa

Antonio Lucas García

María R. Maluenda

Fernando de Marta

Andrés Javier Martínez Blanco

Ana Martínez Córdoba

Ricardo Mas

Geanina Miler

Isabel Monfort

Antonio Municio

Mento Muñoz Mejias

Nuria Muñoz Sánchez-Horneros

Julio Murciego

Jesús Nieto Pantoja

Erika Nolte

Ángel Núñez

Julio César Ovejero (Ovejero)

David Patón

Luis Pereira

Adalberto Pereira da Silva (Adalberto Silva)

Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana)

Pilar Pérez Hidalgo

Jesús Pérez Hornero

Juan Francisco Pérez Somalo

Antonia Portalo

Pura Ramos

Pietro Putignano

Victoria Ramírez

Pablo Redondo (Odnoder

Mª Aida da Luz Rodrigues (Aida Rodrigues)

Raúl Rodríguez (Ciriaco)

Manolo Romero

Mª Esperanza Ruiz Pérez (Esperanza Ruiz-Olmo)

Fuensanta Ruiz Urien (Fuensanta R. Urien)

Salvador Samper

Cristina Sánchez

Avelina Sánchez-Carpio

Tomás Santos Alcalá

Mª Dolores Santos Castillo (Lola Santos)

Macarena Sanz

Guillermo Sanz Murat

Inés Serna

Begoña Sopena

Emilio Sotomayor

Linda de Sousa

Mayte Spínola

Florian Stefan

Adrián A. Suarez

Arturo Tejero

Antonio Téllez de Peralta

Austion Tirado

Adela Trifán (Adelacreative)

José Valladares Moreno

Soledad Velasco Hernández

Maribel Vera

Pilar Vich

José Zahonero

Aguilar Soria, winner of the poster announcing the 87 Autumn Salon of the AEPE

On June 23, 2020, the deliberation of the selection jury for the announcing poster took place, which will be the 87th edition of the traditional Autumn Salon, which will be held from October 29 to November 29, 2020 at the Casa of Cows of the Retiro Park of Madrid.

The jury was chaired by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the AEPE, acting as Secretary of the same Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE, and counting on the Members Juan Manuel López-Reina, Vice-president of the AEPE, Antonio Téllez, Paloma Casado, Carmen Bonilla Carrasco, Fernando de Marta, Ana Martínez Córdoba and Itziar Zabalza Murillo.

As José Gabriel Astudillo explains, “for the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors it is very special to have an identifying image of the Autumn Salon, and that it be a work of the members of our institution, who thus regain prominence in the Autumn Salon ”.

The winning work is from the Honorary Partner of our institution, Alejandro Aguilar Soria, whom we congratulate from these lines, entitled “Self-portrait in Autumn”.

Alejandro Aguilar Soria

Alejandro Aguilar Soria (Madrid, 1962), graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, also studying Interior Architecture and Public Relations and Advertising.

From her earliest childhood she lived with artists and intellectuals of the first order who populated her house and visited her grandfather, Francisco Soria Aedo and her mother, Fernanda Soria, recognized and unjustly forgotten artists, from whom she learned the cleanliness of the line, drawing and the coloristic technique that gives so much strength to his works. His experience in these years will deeply mark his later, classic and avant-garde artistic practice.

A teacher at various art schools, a study assistant to other great masters, he reacted to the conceptual trends typical of the 1980s and began his personal artistic career in a painting completely identifiable with his curious and dreamy personality. Currently, and after a stage as a gallery owner in which success distanced him from his true passion, he directs his own painting studio, Estudio Larso, and has more than thirty years of teaching that have earned him the recognition of artists and teachers.

Multidisciplinary artist, his work covers a wide spectrum of expressive forms: photography, installation, drawing, visual poetry, printmaking, but it is painting that occupies most of his production.

The thematic axis that unifies the work of Aguilar Soria, are the symbols, signs and pictograms and their interrelation with their own and imagined environments.

In his oils and acrylics, his characters, generally anonymous men and women, are often seen with trivial, mute and also mysterious postures and appearances, with elements as capricious as the prolongation of their limbs in unusual objects that become the keys hidden that suggest the relationship of these figures with each other and with the viewer.

Among his references: the night, the city, the history of art, cinema, photography, society, religion, culture, death, sex, animals, iconic and legendary images, etc. Any aspect that influences the formation of contemporary being has a place in its repertoire of ideas and reflections.

However, there is a common denominator in his work, in his thought and in his work: the idealized modern man. Aguilar Soria raises the idea of ​​the multiple man, the communicator, the one who sees everything and manages everything, the close and passionate, the one who minimizes himself with nature and the urban landscape, with galaxies and the elements.

He has held important individual exhibitions, among which “Iconographic Maps” stand out, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla-La Mancha (Hellín. Albacete, 2009), “Icônes”, at the D´Art du Rhône Gallery (Genève. Suisse, 2005), “Games”, in Banking Credit Suisse (Madrid, 2001), “Exp. Multimedia ”, at the C.M. (Madrid, 2000), ”Fractals”, at the Elvira Carreras Gallery (Madrid, 1998), “Pictograms”, at the Laberinto Gallery (Granada, 1995), “Encounters”, at the Arsenal Museum (San Juan de Puerto Rico , 1984) … the last one took place in the Madrid Casa de Vacas del Parque del Buen Retiro in 2018, which won him excellent press and public reviews.

A large number of private collections and important cultural institutions have works by this artist, with many works that he has exhibited in places as exceptional as the Museo de Las Escuelas de Luzón, ITIMUSEUM in Argentina, the Volpe Stessens Foundation in Buenos Aires, the Museum Manege of Modern Art of Saint Petersburg, Sharjah Art Museum of United Arab Emirates, the National Library of Madrid, the Enzo Marini Foundation of Bologna, the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid, the Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid, etc.

Member of the XIII Salon, “Eduardo Chicharro” Painting Prize of the LXXIX Madrid Autumn Salon and the First Prize of the XXIV Animalistic Art Exhibition of the San Antón Academy of Art and Letters, has to his credit other distinctions such as the Diogenes Taborda Grand Prize from the Volpe Stessens Foundation in Buenos Aires and the Painting Prize from the Eureka Hall in Madrid.

All information is available on the AEPE website, tab “Contests and prizes”, sub-tab “Autumn Salon” 2020.


Opening of the virtual exhibition Palettes of Painter

On June 26, 2020, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors will open what is the third virtual exhibition in its 110-year history.

To do this, the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, has sent a communication to all members in which they are invited to go to this same web page, in the tab “Contests and Prizes”, sub-tab «Palettes of Painter », Where a gallery of photographs of the nearly one hundred works that have been submitted to this call will hang.

In his communication, he tells us:

Dear partners and friends,

In the hope that you feel well, I am writing these words to inform you that, as you already know, the “Palette of Painter” contest modified its bases to adapt it to the times we live in, thus becoming the third virtual exhibition of the AEPE.

All this has been thanks to your participation and despite the fact that we would have liked to inaugurate it together with you, current circumstances have not made this possible.

That is why we have adapted the contents to the web environment that we will make public on June 26, 2020, starting at 6:00 p.m. moment in which the exhibition of works of the PALETAS DE PINTOR contest will be virtually inaugurated.

The whole team of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors sends you a big hug and just wants you to enjoy it.

As you can see, we continue to make history … with a lot of art !!!!!

We wait for you,

José Gabriel Astudillo López

President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors


List of Contestants:

Aracely Alarcón Morales

Joaquín Alarcón González

María Alonso Páez

Kate Ares

Mª Socorro Arroyo Arroyo

Alejandro Aynos Romero

Asunción Bau

Joaquín Besoy

Tomi Caballero Sánchez

Eugenio Cabello Ibáñez

José Manuel Chamorro

Pilar Cortés

Linda de Sousa

Manuel Díaz Meré

Sopetrán Domènech

Mariluz Dupont

José Carmelo Esteban Gracia

Roberto Espino

María García García

Ángeles Garcia-Quismondo

Antonio Izquierdo Ortega

Juan Jiménez

Carmen de la Lastra

Rosa Lecumberri

Toñi López (Aquafonía Toñi López)

Enrique López Sardón

María Isabel López Vera

Juan Manuel López-Reina Coso

Ian Lorenzo

María R. Maluenda

Valentín Manterola

Juan Marbán

Fernando de Marta Sebastián

Raquel Mayor Lázaro

Geanina Miler

Isabel Monfort

Ana Morales López

Antonio Municio

Pedro Muñoz Mendoza

Erika Nolte Amann

Julio César Ovejero (Ovejero)

Clara Pechansky

Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana)

Pilar Pérez Hidalgo

Jesús Pérez Hornero

Mayte Ramos

Pura Ramos

Cleusa Rossetto

Esperanza Ruiz-Olmo

Alicia Sánchez Carmona

Mª  Soledad Santano Carrero (Marilorney)

Mª Dolores Santos (Lola Santos)

Carlos Eduardo Scida Lucena

Miguel Sokolowski Romany

Begoña Sopena

Lena Ustinova

Dolores Vallejo Ruiz

José Zahonero Vera

Juan Alcalde, “the last of Paris”, dies

The painter and engraver Juan Alcalde, one of the greatest exponents of the Paris School, died last Sunday, May 31, 2020 in Madrid, surrounded by his family, when he was 102 years old.
The artist had received the Medal of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors four years ago, an award that recognizes those artists who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding way in the world of artistic creation, and which turned out to be the last award and act attended.
Just 15 days ago, in his studio in a central Madrid street, he boasted before the AEPE Medal, which presides over the fireplace in the living room, acknowledging that he was very excited to receive it and meet again at that event with other artists, held in 2016 , with a multitude of friends who wanted to accompany him in such a special moment that he also had the assistance of Infanta Elena de Borbón, friend and admirer of the painter’s work.

Juan Alcalde felt unwell less than a week ago, entering the Clinical Hospital of San Carlos, where kidney failure ended his life. His sons Juan Luis and Sergio, who have been with him until the last moment, have respected his most intimate wishes for discretion. After his exhibition in the Madrid mortuary of San Isidro, this morning the crematorium of La Almudena was taken, after which he will be buried in an intimate and family ceremony.
We recall the speeches that the Secretary General, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, and the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, filled with references about his life and work, made at the AEPE Medal of Honor ceremony.
Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, made a brief tour of the artistic and professional career of the renowned painter, with special emphasis on providing those present with a summary sketch of what Juan Alcalde is like, and not just his biography, with cold and distant data and dates, but introducing those present to life, thought and a little bit in the artist’s magical soul.
“A great person and an excellent painter is the reason that brings us together today to make a simple and emotional tribute, like the ones we do in this century-old institution.
I could sketch you a biography here and carefully read dates and events of his long life, and I would do no more than save you going to the art encyclopedias, where you can find everything related to his artistic life, countless number of exhibitions, he could also describe his Haphazard life and fruitful work.
But if I did all this, you would still not really know the man to whom we pay tribute today, so I am going to try to talk about the man, the artist and what his work is like.
Juan Alcalde Alonso is pure, here we would say that he is an authentic cat, born in the Rastro, near Cascorro, and with parents who, far from falling into typism, only reinforce that stamp: his father, shoemaker, and mother , cigarette factory of the tobacco factory on Calle Embajadores, next to the gate, (There it is nothing).
At this point, perhaps you could specify the street and the exact number where you were born, so that this Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors may request the Madrid City Council to place a commemorative plaque on the Plan’s facade. Memory of Madrid, to remember the happy event.
He studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid, with Agustín L. González, at the Museum of Artistic Reproductions and at the Círculo de Bellas Artes, and later entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, having among other professors Aurelio Arteta, who was his supporter for the “Molina Higueras” Prize, awarded by the Academia de San Fernando, with a painting that Juan himself defined as “decadent realism”, although it is true that he was already given very good.

The Director of the Royal Academy, the Count of Romanones, promises him a scholarship to study in Paris, plans that will be cut short by the start of the civil war, where he will fight on the Madrid front.
He has to retire to France, being interned in a concentration camp where he is about to die of dysentery, until he is admitted to an old Perpignan hospital where he lives with mentally ill patients.
In 1944 he returned to Madrid where he married Conchita Moreda and continued his difficult life as a painter, having to paint film posters to cover his bare necessities.
In 1950 he emigrated to Caracas, where he managed to live well from his profession as a painter, carried out commissions and exhibitions, painted landscapes, made illustrations … his sons Juan Luis and Sergio were born there.
However, he does not feel at ease, the easy success bothers him and he decides to return to Paris, make his golden dream come true and paint the barges that cross the Seine, the taverns, the workers on the river bank.
There he meets other members of the Spanish School in Paris such as Baltasar Lobo, Joaquín Peinado or Hernando Viñes and he meets great friends, such as Marcel Marceau, Picasso, Neruda, …
The samples and exhibitions take place in Madrid, London, Paris, Caracas, …
In 1979 his wife died who had shared so many dreams and difficulties with him. For four years, Juan Alcalde did not exhibit again, until 1983, which he did in Madrid.
In 1984, he married Patrocinio Molero, with whom he began a new and important stage of his life.
So far, synthesized and summarized, a few biographical data that outline an intense life, but nothing yet that can show us his rich inner life, his thought and personality.
Of him it has been written, I will not be the one who says that little enough, but with really beautiful and admirable words, that describe his work like this:
“Stripped of all unnecessary artifice, beautiful in its absolute nakedness, it is an essential painting, in the most exact sense of the term. In his paintings we find loneliness, but not despair ”.
“The Work of Juan Alcalde, full of intelligence and sensitivity, has a poetic charge that transcends beneath its apparent coldness.”
“Painting of very personal invoice, without antecedents in the future of our artistic creation and without the mimetic influences of other great contemporary masters”.
“The painting of the Mayor is poetic. Lyric of the feelings made light; by the free verses of color. Without academic rhymes that tie it. With no other metric than yours. The one of the few things that are painted in his painting ”.
“Juan Alcalde is a classic above the academies and the conventional balances of writers because, alone with his heart, with his palette and with his solitude, Juan Alcalde knows how to paint the world first hand and with the gripping line –and overwhelming- of the wisest and most angelic of all innocences: that of the artist who has the magical grace – and even pain – of turning into speedy and mature art everything he touches ”.

“Mayor paints things that make a man, an artist, an essential and essentialist ascetic in painting, a lover of reality and life, a delicious and natural man.”
“The Mayor’s painting is one of those that go deep without the need for transcendentalism. He feels what he says and transmits it with the simplicity of what is important ”.
“Mayor addresses classical figurative themes: landscape, still life, still lifes immersed in a background of very original and distinctive cities, maternities, nudes and the human figure in general, treating them with great beauty in a style full of mysticism, harmony, delicacy and softness, qualities that affect both its shape and its background, and of course the color, abundant in whites. But also, the forms are simplified and synthesized ”.
I could go on to tell you pieces of writing that revolve around his work, but I think it is more interesting to know what he thinks of himself and how he defines himself.
“I work with oils because oil lives like a human being, it does not stay perpetual. Oil works by itself and I am sure that my paintings are not what they will be ”.
His inexhaustible vitalism is reflected in the phrase: “I would not like to die knowing, I would like to die learning.”
For Juan Alcalde, art is the search for itself.
His life is a continual uncertainty, but as he himself admits, “misfortunes can bring thanks.”
“The worst thing that can happen to human beings is not having grace or misfortune,” he adds.
“Problems are what generate thought; without them, the brain dies, ”he nods emphatically.
“Every day I think about rejuvenating myself, I would like to be somewhat less figurative, but I am not able to abstract myself completely, I am not able to reach pure abstraction. I carry a very heavy weight on my back, which I cannot unload, even if I try. I am interested in the abstraction of Velázquez, by Goya. The bad figuratives of the last century hurt, although there is also Rosales, who is fabulous. What matters is pure, what comes from the spirit of the soul, from the interior of man ”… Sensitivity above all.
To speak of Juan is to speak of his thumb. As he himself assures, his thumb is more important than brushes, he is the one that leads the colors to the canvas, and he also has a sensual component that the brush does not have, and in his own words, “it is that when you put your thumb on a cloth, there is your sensitivity, the projection of your spirit on the finger, almost like a self-portrait ”.
Juan has been his own patron, he has supported himself, he has believed in him, because the only thing he has tried to be all his life is Juan Alcalde.
That is why, far from schools, far from influences, far from comparisons or friends who interfere in this semblance, far from similarities and analogies, today we pay tribute to who has tried to be his whole life, and I would say that he has succeeded, Juan Alcalde ”
For his part, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, reminded everyone that his art is characterized by the personal style that has made this painter a benchmark for new creative generations in a dissertation in which He explained why Juan Alcalde has earned this award:
“This recognition to an artist like Juan Alcalde, is the unequivocal testimony of the constant commitment of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors to culture, and is also our most determined support for its creators and diffusers.

This Medal recognizes a life, a personal journey that you thus come to transmit in your works, a visible reference in which you offer us, by reliving and contemplating them, the possibility of also being artists.
Your work, all your work, is also an unequivocal source of hope, because you have exerted as a painter and engraver, a profession in which you not only see the enthusiastic and optimistic charge that your targets give off, but also reaches the public and the viewer with a new look, as a gesture of encouragement and encouragement in which to demonstrate that in their lives and works the idea can come true that on many occasions, it is in difficulties and limitations where creativity is expressed with special intensity.
Juan Alcalde is a great artist, and he is because he dominates what is in his heart, and only the one who best understands and knows his affections and passions, becomes a great artist; an artist who dominates light and form through sensitivity.
That essential part of his artist soul is the one that manages to unite matter to the immaterial, giving shape to the spirit. My always admired Sorolla, who honored this institution when he was its President, used to say that painting is a “state of the soul”, a phrase that perfectly fits the art that Juan Alcalde gives us.
Juan is a great artist, a painter who has made his work a lifestyle, a painter who paints all day, every day of the year, who paints even when he does not. That when he sleeps he paints and when he sails he paints. Because the gift he has given to all of us who love art, the gift of being a painter, has hidden the poison and the sweet burden of the total dedication and dedication with which he has governed his life.
The world of culture, society in general, we can only thank him for his contribution and recognize the creative art that underlies the back of all his work, in which the most original illusion that fits for life beats, that of making life pure beauty.
That is what this Medal that we give you today intends, to be the shared vision of who you are and what we want to be through your work. Miguel de Unamuno, whose sensitivity is shared by each and every one of Juan Alcalde’s works, said that “the artist and especially man, will continue to speak through his work, for the benefit and enjoyment of many generations.”
That is the example that you leave and that in a simple way, we appreciate.
Today we pay tribute to who, as the Secretary General said before, has managed to be Juan Alcalde. May this shared moment always remain in your heart, as it will remain in our history and our memory.
Let it be engraved in gold. Forever, dear Juan. There is no medal that can be made of the alloy of affection, friendship and gratitude, with which this Medal is symbolically made, which we present to you today from the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors ”.
The President then presented the Medal of Honor to Juan Alcalde, who received it excitedly and addressed a few words to the attendees in which he could only thank the honor and declare himself happy and excited for being there, and knowing himself to be the object of such special attention.
He was later required to sign in the Book of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, and he did so with firm, clear and neat handwriting, before the expectation of those present for the comments that the honoree made at all times and in the that jokingly was about the 99 years he had already completed.
The Infanta Doña Elena, sitting up to that moment among the public, came to congratulate the friend and artist and affectionately posed with the members of the presidential table, as well as how many assistants and friends were in the act.
It is worth remembering the multiple occasions in which the royal family has attended events organized by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, taking into account that SS.MM. the kings don Juan Carlos and doña Sofía are the Honorary Presidents of the centennial entity, which is about to announce the 52 Queen Sofia Prize for Painting and Sculpture.
He then signed the Infanta in the entity’s Book of Honor, just below the signature that he dedicated in the year 90 on the occasion of his visit to the traditional Autumn Salon, and promised to attend, to the extent possible, other events of the entity.

(Español) Las Medallas de la AEPE: Juan Cristóbal

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Opening of the virtual exhibition of the V Salon of Abstract Art of the AEPE

On May 7, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors will open the first virtual exhibition in its 110-year history.
For this, the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, has sent a communication to all the members in which they are invited to go to this same web page, in the “Contests and Awards” tab, sub-tab “Art Hall Abstract “, where a gallery of photographs of the more than 150 works that have been presented at this first unrivaled event will hang.
In his communication, he tells us:
“Dear partners and friends,
In the hope that you are well, I am writing these words to inform you that, as you already know, the V Salon of Abstract Art modified its bases to adapt it to the times we live in, thus becoming the first virtual exhibition of the AEPE.
All this has been thanks to your participation and despite the fact that we would have liked to inaugurate it together with you, current circumstances have not made this possible.
That is why we have adapted the contents to the web environment that we will make public tomorrow, May 7, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. moment in which the exhibition of the V ABSTRACT ART ROOM OF THE AEPE will be virtually inaugurated.
I invite you to join us from home through the following link: http://www.apintoresyescultores.es/i-salon-de-arte-abstracto-vv/
The entire team of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors sends you a big hug and just wants you to enjoy it.
As you can see, we continue to make history … with a lot of art !!!!!
We wait for you,

José Gabriel Astudillo López
President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

In the link of this same website, you will also find the list of participants, partners and friends of art who are already part of our history:

Lorena Aguirre Ramirez

Cristina Agulló Tecles

Aracely Alarcón

Joaquín Alarcón González

Pablo Alberti

Jesús Alcolea

Martarita Algora Weber

Susana Alonso de Sousa (Alonso de Sousa)

María Alonso Páez

Ramos Andrés Redondo

Mar Aragón Esteban

Carmen Barba Lorenzo (BarbaC)

Asunción Bau

Mª José Beltrán Verdes (Nana Beltrán)

Lorna Benavides Romero

José Antonio Benítez Antón

Leonor Berlanga

Mª Carmen Blanco Covarrubias (C. Baco Covarrubias)

Carmen Bonilla Carrasco

Juan Luis Borra (JLBorra)

Jalal Boudra

María José Bro Valero

Javier Bustos Ramos

Eugenio Cabello Ibáñez

Antonio Calleja Sierra

Irene Cantalejo Martín

Martina Cantero

Pilar Carballedo del Valle

Rafael Castillo Ruiz

Gloria Cediel Lafuente

Ángeles Cifuentes Serrano

Rafael Clemente

Charo Crespo

Pompeyo Curbelo Martín

Carmen Dabrowski Pernas (Maryla Dabrowska)

Enrique Delgado Contreras

María Xesús Díaz

Francisco Díaz Muñoz

Higinio Díaz-Marta Garrón (Gini)

Enriqueta Domínguez (Queca Domínguez)

Carmen Durán Sanz

Federico Eguia

Rosa Escalona Marín

José Carmelo Esteban Gracia (Carmelo Esteban)

Karlos Fernández Eguía (Karfereguía)

Diego Fernández Sánchez

Rafael Ferreira Jiménez

Mª Dolores Flores Verdú (Flor Verdú)

María Esther Flórez

Raimundo Folch

Manuel Fournier

Pepe G. Personal

Herminda Gago Blanco

Félix Gala Fernández

 Susana García Bravo

María García García

Ángel García Jiménez

Fernando García de Juan

José García Martínez (Gamar)

Ana García Pulido (Ana GPulido- Anayë-)

Paloma García Viladomat (Paloma Viladomat)

Mª Ángeles García-Quismondo

Isabel Garrido

Saúl Gil Corona (Sául Corona)

Rafael Giráldez (Elizoescultor)

Jesús Gómez del Peso (Jesús del Peso)

Rafael Gómez Mena (Mena)

Ana Gómez Vivas (Ana Vivas)

Paloma González (Paloma González Ro)

Javier González Ramos (Javier González)

Juan Antonio González Sáiz (Juanchi)

Marien de Haro

Manuel Hernández Díaz

Albano Hernández Domínguez (Albano)

Susana Huerta Rodríguez

Inocencia Isabel Sanz

Victoria Jáimez García

Juan Jiménez

Narciso Lafuente Gil

Rosa Lecumberri

Pablo Linares Amor

Mª Carmen López Delgado (Carminatouchelà)

Mariluz López Dupont (Dupont)

Toñi López González (Aquafonía Toñi López)

Paula López Moreno

Enrique López Sardón

Paulino Lorenzo Tardón (Paulino L. Tardón)

Carlos Losa Revuelta

María R Maluenda Gómez

Rosario Martín Blasco

José Luis Martín de Blas Aguado

Pedro Martín García (Pedro Lalo)

Andrés Martínez Blanco

Ana Martínez Córdoba

Carmen Martínez León (Carmen León)

Ricardo Mas Ortíz

Jaime Mestres Estartús (Estartús)

Geanina Miler

Isabel Monfort

Mª Rosa Moreno Moreno (Rosim Moreno Moreno)

Antonio Municio

Miguel Muñoz Gómez-Platero (Platero)

Sacramento Muñoz Mejías (Mento Muñoz Mejías)

Nuria Muñoz Sánchez-Horneros

Julio César Murciego Cabrero (Julio Murciego)

Juan Naranjo Torres

Concha Navarro

Margarita Navas Camba

Ángel Navas García (Navas D Velázquez)

Erika Nolte Amann

Ángel Nuñez García

Javier Ortas

José Luis Ortega Flórez de Uría (Flórez de Uría)

Feliciana Ortega Heras

Ángela Palomeque Messía

Jorge Juan Pedraza López (Jorge Pedraza)

Adalberto  Pereira da Silva

José Luis Pereira Miónes (Luis Pereira)

Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana)

Jesús Pérez Hornero

Juan Francisco Pérez-Rosas Hidalgo

Pietro Putigniano

Pura Ramos

Maravillas Recio (Mavi Recio)

Pablo Redondo (Odnoder)

Mª Luisa Riaza (Malu Riaza)

Raúl Rodríguez (Ciriaco)

Isabel Rodríguez Banda

Mª Luisa Rojo Grandio (Novais)

Manolo Romero Solano

Antonio Ruiz Torres

Fuensanta Ruiz Urien (Fuensanta R. Urien)

Esperanza Ruíz-Olmo

Arantza Sáez de Lafuente (A. Sáez de Lafuente)

Salvador Samper

Avelina Prieto Sánchez-Carpio (Avelina Sánchez-Carpio)

Carmen Santiago Castaño

M. Dolores Santos (Lola Santos)

Carolina Sauca Hernández

Ángel Segovia Martín

Lika Shkhvatsabaia

Ana Solanas

José Manuel Solares Rosa

Linda de Sousa

Arturo Tejero Esteban

Antonio Téllez de Peralta

Austion Tirado

Adela Trifán (Adelacreative)

Antonio Denis Vázquez

Mª Iluminada Vinuesa Cortázar (Ilumín Cortázar)