The work of Aguilar Soria in the House of Cows of Retiro

“Self-portrait” is an x-ray of the artist’s profession


The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors yesterday presented the exhibition entitled “Self-portrait”, by the artist Alejandro Aguilar Soria, which can be seen until next August 15, 2018.


The success of the act was highlighted by the excellent reception of the public with which it counted and exceeded the initial expectations, collapsing “literally” the capacity of the Exhibition Hall of the Casa de Vacas.


The event brought together partners, friends and the public at an event that was initially held at the Casa de Vacas Theater, where Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez and José Gabriel Astudillo, General Secretary and President of the AEPE, presented the artist, who He explained to the attendees how, when and why of this exhibition, he projected a series of videos that accompanied the course of his work.

The artist’s book titled “Oil Notebook” was also presented, a splendid publication that pays homage to the 30 years of teaching of this brilliant author, about his own experiences, conclusions and technique on the pictorial procedure and in which it is reflected the life, personages, yearnings and desvelos of the own Aguilar Soria.


The artist, who had the memorable assistance of his mother, also painter Fernanda Soria and some of the members of his family, did not forget to thank all those who made the exhibition possible, from the City Council of Madrid, through the Association Spanish Painters and Sculptors, as well as all those related to the Larso studio, the President of the Spanish Association of Art Critics, and many renowned painters and sculptors like Ricardo Sanz, friends, students, admirers and surprised visitors.

In total there are more than two hundred works that make up the exhibition, a selection of the most significant works carried out in recent years by the Spanish artist Alejandro Aguilar Soria, who has not done a show for more than two years and who on this occasion deals with the difficult theme of artistic creation in a global vision, of the artist himself.

For José Gabriel Astudillo, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Alejandro Aguilar Soria “is one of those few artists who has managed to move on the border of the modern and the most committed vanguard, while being respectful of the heritage of the traditional and classic painting. His approach is original and novel, since he approaches from experimental poetry to the most attractive objects of marketing, including author books, visual poems, oils and acrylics that make the author a representative of the genuine term of “artist” from its broadest conception and multifaceted dimension, comparable to a creative genius like Leonardo Da Vinci himself “.


“Aguilar Soria achieves that same level of balance, honesty and interest from contemporary thinking. His name should be likened to those of Dalí, Chirico or Magritte in their attitude and in their ability to make something new that, in reality, has always existed. Like all the greats, painting for him is the hierarchical top of the arts and drawing, his primordial gesture “.


Alejandro Aguilar Soria (Madrid, 1962), he graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, also doing studies of Interior Architecture and Public Relations and Advertising.


From her earliest childhood she lived with artists and intellectuals of the first order who lived in her house and visited her grandfather, Francisco Soria Aedo and her mother, Fernanda Soria, recognized and unjustly forgotten artists, from whom she learned the cleanliness of the stroke, drawing and the colorist technique that gives so much strength to his works. His experience in these years will profoundly mark his later artistic practice, classic and avant-garde.


A teacher in several art schools, assistant to the study of other great masters, he reacted to the conceptual trends of the 80s and began his personal artistic journey in a completely identifiable painting with his curious and dreamy personality. Currently, and after a gallery stage in which success took him away from his true passion, he runs his own painting studio.


Multidisciplinary artist, his work covers a wide spectrum of expressive forms: photography, installation, drawing, visual poetry, engraving, but it is painting that occupies most of its production.


The thematic axis that unifies the work of Aguilar Soria, are the symbols, signs and pictograms and their interrelation with their own and imagined environments.


In his oils and acrylics, his characters, usually anonymous men and women, are often seen with trivial, mute and mysterious postures and appearance, with elements as capricious as the prolongation of their members in unusual objects that become the keys hidden that suggest the relationship of these figures with each other and with the viewer.


Among its references: the night, the city, the history of art, cinema, photography, society, religion, culture, death, sex, animals, iconic and legendary images, etc. Any aspect that affects the formation of the contemporary being has a place in his repertoire of ideas and reflections.


However, there is a common denominator in his work, in his thought and in his work: the idealized current man. Aguilar Soria raises to the maximum consideration the idea of ​​the multiple man, the communicator, the one who sees everything and handles everything, the close and passionate, the one who minimizes himself with nature and the urban landscape, with the galaxies and the elements.


He has made important individual exhibitions among which “Iconographic Maps” stand out, at the Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla-La Mancha (Hellín, Albacete, 2009), “Icônes”, at the D’Art du Rhône Gallery (Genève, Suisse, 2005), “Games”, in the Banking Credit Suisse (Madrid, 2001), “Exp. Multimedia “, at the C.M. (Madrid, 2000), “Fractals”, in the Elvira Carreras Gallery (Madrid, 1998), “Pictogramas”, in the Galería Laberinto (Granada, 1995), “Encuentros”, in the Arsenal Museum (San Juan de Puerto Rico , 1984)…


A large number of private collections and important cultural institutions have works by this artist, many of which he has exhibited in such exceptional places as the Museum of the Schools of Luzón, ITIMUSEUM in Argentina, the Volpe Stessens Foundation of Buenos Aires, the Museum Manege of Modern Art of Saint Petersburg, Sharjah Art Museum of United Arab Emirates, the National Library of Madrid, the Enzo Marini Foundation of Bologna, the Circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, the Museum of Decorative Arts of Madrid, etc.


Member of the Salon of the XIII, “Eduardo Chicharro” Painting Prize of the LXXIX Madrid Autumn Salon and the First Prize of the XXIV Exhibition of Animal Art of the Academy of Arts and Letters of San Antón, has other awards such as the Diógenes Taborda Grand Prize of the Volpe Stessens Foundation of Buenos Aires and the Painting Prize of the Eureka Hall of Madrid.


For Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and member of AECA, “Self-portrait is not the fruit of an inflamed vanity. Nothing is further from Alejandro Aguilar Soria than to make his own portrait, but to x-ray the profession from within, that is, the untidiness, disappointments, sufferings, glories, triumphs and vanities of the artists.


All this, through a journey in which clearly highlights the genius of a creator who demonstrates his overflowing imagination, very much in line with the avant-garde surrealism of the early twentieth century but completely updated and renewed through unconventional characters and situations.


And it is precisely that hodgepodge, that fusion of the most traditional painting, understood as such, as a spectacular base drawing and a well-nourished and superbly mixed color palette, all revitalized by a current oneiric and sensual vision, in which they come to life the lampposts, the doors or the chairs, the puppets of the sign language and animated pictograms that he has created, fruit of a revealing and enigmatic look, perhaps dreamed someday, and traced to the dictation of a mind always in a boil, typical of a genius and a madman, typical of an artist.


One begins by seeing the beginnings of the plastic artist, and comes to see the discouragement that seizes him, the first lights of a path always difficult, the disappointments of envy and incomprehension, but also everyday situations for everyone involved in this exciting world, as the presence of his works in competitions and competitions, the rejection, the indifference and finally, the glory of those who manage to succeed, with the media and marketing degeneration that also brings the final fame.


There is also room for creative solitude, intimate individuality that gives birth to works and ideas with talent and reflects the spirituality that this profession has beyond the lights with which it can sometimes dazzle. And of course, for the creation of works in which the subjects are multiple and are involved, as in the author’s book that Aguilar Soria presents and that surpasses any materialist proposal by sharing experiences and secrets with which he seals a sincere visual and visual communion. creative


The show is composed of delicate and daring visual poems, groundbreaking, unusual, oil paintings, acrylics and many, many winks at the essence of artistic creation, with multifunction pieces in which the versatility of the use and the innovative idea of ​​which well can take note any artist with concerns that want to eat a world that Alejandro Aguilar Soria has already absorbed and vomits now in superb geniuses, fruit of an innate condition in him, accompanied by an extraordinary talent.


In this exhibition nothing is the result of chance, from its journey to the arrangement of the pieces, creating authentic scenes that become experimental poetry, with very curious winks, in which the artist demonstrates his good mood and his own self-criticism in funny and details in which it is worth reconsidering and appreciating every touch of genius that they contain “.


Exhibition: “Self-portrait”

Artist: Alejandro Aguilar Soria

From July 19 to August 15, 2018

From Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

House of Cows of the Buen Retiro Park

Paseo de Colombia, s / n

28009 Madrid