Another great success of Javier Sierra

Last Friday, November 29, 2019, at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, the writer and journalist, Planeta 2017 Award, and Honorary Partner of our centenary entity, Javier Sierra, revealed to us the mystery that surrounded life of the brilliant artist, architect, engineer and inventor Leonardo da Vinci, coinciding with the exhibition “Leonardo VIVE. Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci ”, which contemplates the tribute of the AEPE to one of the most extraordinary Renaissance artists, who had such an influence on the conception and origin of the most radically modern painting.

In a crowded room of public, the entrance with makeshift chairs had to be enabled so that all attendees could hear what Leonardo was like, being from his best known work, La Gioconda, to others his in which the mystery and winks of the creator, They signed their work by adding personal details that at first glance may go unnoticed.

The presentation of the act was in charge of José Gabriel Astudillo, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, who thanked Javier Sierra for his willingness to always collaborate with the entity and then gave the floor to Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE, who outlined small brushstrokes of the author’s biography, with special emphasis on his personal achievements, so unusually recognized by institutions and the public.

Then it was Javier Sierra who enchanted the audience over an hour and a half that he knew little by little, leaving the audience with “honey on the lips” and above all, with a lot of questions and a new perspective of the work and life of Leonardo da Vinci.

After the talk, the attendees spoke with the author, who kindly attended to everyone and received the congratulations of a delivered audience that congratulated and summoned the writer to continue telling the mysteries that hide the works of art.

A “master lesson” that everyone can read in the bestseller “The Secret Dinner”, in which Javier Sierra carries out a narrative that reveals what the true sources that Leonardo da Vinci drank to paint the sacred work could be. known from Christendom.

The Last Supper is full of signs that indicate that behind its appearance there is much more than mixed paints: What does the knot on the tablecloth that covers the table mean? Why didn’t he paint the halos of holiness that usually adorn the heads of the apostles or Jesus in other works that represent the same scene? Not even the Passover lamb of the Jewish holiday they celebrated? Why is Leonardo himself portrayed in the play, and also with his back to Christ? Who is the true traitor? And above all, where is the Holy Grail?

Information that always interests artists and the general public, but that told by him, manages to make someone who discovers what Leonardo hides fall in love.

Regino Mateo will give a lecture on Christmas and the mystery of the Magi of the East

The Honorary Member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Regino Mateo del Peral, will give the next Monday, December 17, at 7:00 p.m. in the Manuel Alvar Public Library, located on Calle Azcona number 42, a conference entitled “Christmas and the mystery of the Magi of the East”, to which from these lines we invite all members, friends and lovers of history.
The Christmas and Kings parties, which are commemorated since Christmas Eve, on December 24 in which Jesus was born, the promised Messiah, until the feast of the Epiphany, on January 6 in which the Adoration of the Magi is celebrated of the East, they constitute one of the most relevant festive manifestations of Christianity, where they intersect: legend and reality, myth and authenticity, mystery and evidence, and history and fiction.
The lecturer, L. Regino Mateo del Peral, who is also a Full Member of the Institute of Madrid Studies and former Professor-Tutor of history of the UNED, will try to scrutinize in what and how they happened those events that have always aroused the interest of researchers and historians , as well as what could be the Star of Bethlehem.
Free entry until complete seats. Metro Diego de León (exit Azcona street). EMT: 1, 48, 43, 74, 53.