Pure Magic in the Jury of the 86th Autumn Room

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, the meeting of the Selection and Qualification Jury of the 86th Autumn Salon that the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors held, with the collaboration of the Maxam Foundation, and which is recognized as the Oldest and most prestigious artistic contest of those convened in Spain.
On this occasion, the jury was formed by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the AEPE, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE, acting as President and Secretary of the same and both with voice but without vote, and having as Members José Vicente Moreno Huart, Patron of the MAXAM Foundation, the prestigious artists Eduardo Naranjo, Alejandro Aguilar Soria, Paula Varona and Ricardo Sanz, Mª Dolores Chamero Moyano, Director of the Casa de Vacas Cultural Center and Tomás Paredes, the dean of the Art critics in Spain.

The meeting was marked by the magic that reigned at all times and that was achieved by reviewing each and every one of the works presented to the contest, works that contained life essences in each stroke, in each subject and that managed to move a jury very committed to the objectives of promoting, recognizing and disseminating creativity in the art of painting and sculpture, also serving to discover, revalue and show the public the excellent technical level of Spanish artists.
The organization insists on commenting on what if all the participating artists and the public attending the exhibition of the selected and awarded works can be sure, which will be held at the Casa del Vacas del Parque del Retiro from October 31 to 24 November 2019, is that each and every one of them have been reviewed by a magnificent jury, which has had a specific technical and objective assessment for each work.
With very varied themes, since the prizes were free content, the exhibition will be formed by a meeting of very current concerns, desires and desires, of artists who live in the 21st century and reflect the social and cultural concerns that surround them and with those who live daily.
In this edition almost three hundred artists from very different places throughout the national territory have participated, with a high quality, which has made the jury fully satisfied with some works that, as they have assured, “they have been shocked and moved by same”.
In total, twenty awards have been granted that contemplate the disciplines of painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving and watercolor, and of these, six awards are specific to sculpture, which explains the very high participation of artists in this discipline that until a few years ago I was living difficult and frankly disturbing moments.
In addition, there have been four specific prizes for painting, two for watercolor, one for engraving and one for drawing, in addition to the “Down Syndrome” Painting Medal, which for the third year will include, together with professionals in the sector, the work of one of the students who attend art classes at Down Madrid and all of them, together with the 73 selected works, 46 paintings and 27 sculptures, will make up the exhibition whose awards ceremony will take place on November 7, at 7 pm.
It will not be until that day when the winners are announced in a gala that brings together great personalities from the world of plastic arts in Spain, and will have a very prominent moment in the appointment as Honorary Partner of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, from the journalist and writer Javier Sierra, closely linked to the centennial entity for his continuous support and collaboration.
The jury has tried to get carried away by their intuition, valuing not only technically, but by their heart, achieving a balance between techniques and styles, so that no interpretation could be left out without more recommendation than the quality criteria that are being governed by the Hall of Autumn in the latest editions.
As José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and President of the Jury points out, “one of the greatest demands of the jury has been its concern for quality and because the work contains an explicit and implicit beauty that overwhelms who admires her, letting herself be carried away by the intuition and originality of some artists who have achieved magnificent works that they can well be proud of in the same way that we presume them from the AEPE ”.

It should be remembered that this year the Autumn Salon, the most prestigious and oldest artistic contest of those convened in Spain, reaches its 86th edition, which makes it unique not only for the excellent organization and experience it represents, but for The prestige that has been treasuring over the years, especially considering that it does not grant a single prize in cash and despite this, summons a very high number of participants who seek recognition not only from the public, but from other artists, of their peers, aspiration with which the call was born in 1920 and that as we see, still survives.


Summoned the 86th Fall Salon 2019

The visual image of the contest is the work of Javier Ortas

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors announces the 86th edition of the Autumn Salon, which has the support of the Maxam Foundation

Until October 5 the works can be presented

The winning works will be announced on November 7

The finalist works will be exhibited at the Casa de Vacas del Retiro in Madrid from October 31 to November 24

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, with the unconditional support of the Maxam Foundation, announces the 86th Autumn Salon, the oldest and most prestigious artistic event in Spain, whose purpose is to stimulate creation and contribute especially to the promotion and the projection of artists in Spain.
The call has 7 free access prizes, the Down Madrid Painting Medal, reserved for artists of this group who will exhibit the winning work for the third time within the framework of the Exhibition and a total of eleven more Medals, reserved for the members of the centenary entity, whose attraction lies in the recognition of artists by other artists and in the prestigious awards, which bear the name of the founders of AEPE.
“Reaching the 86th edition of a renowned event such as the Salon de Otoño, says José Gabriel Astudillo, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, is a triumph in itself, since no other contest in Spain treasures that age, nor a list of names such as the one that the institution has gathered all these years, names that are already part of the history of art such as Picasso, Alberti, Benlliure, the Benedito brothers, Benjamín Palencia, Vázquez Díaz “…
The 1st Autumn Salon of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors was born in 1920 and since its inception seeks the promotion of new values ​​in a line of innovative culture, that is, does not seek a display of awards that involve an economic endowment, but a excellence that transforms into the dissemination of the work and the artist, and that, according to José Gabriel Astudillo, means not endowing the awards economically, but being creative and channeling those selected and awarded on the difficult path of artistic creation.

Recognize talent is just what entities like Tritoma Cultural Management, the Getafe City Council, the Baluarte Hall of the City of Tres Cantos, Codina Escultura, Encuentro Real Estate, Santiago de Santiago and the Spanish Association of Watercolor Painters, which converge in this new edition of the Autumn Salon, next to the City Hall of Madrid, which will exhibit the selected and awarded works in the Casa de Vacas from the Parque del Retiro in Madrid from October 31 to November 24, and the Maxam Foundation, the official sponsor of the Hall.
The jury of the award, which will be made up of prestigious people in the fields of criticism, art history and artistic activity, will be chaired by the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, acting as Secretary of the same Maria Dolores Barreda Perez, Secretary General of the AEPE, will make a selection of the works presented, from which will come the winners, which will be exhibited in the Casa de Vacas of the Retiro Park in Madrid between October 31 and on November 24, 2019. The winners will be announced on November 7, at the moment of the jury’s decision, awards ceremony and opening of the exhibition.
Throughout these last 6 years, the Salon de Otoño has become a traditional event within the Spanish art scene, a must in terms of novelties, trends and new contemporary plastic proposals, as well as a showcase for the best painting and current sculpture.
Each year the artists have the opportunity to present their new creations and opt for an accredited Prize that includes the edition of a catalog, the exhibition of their pictorial work and the knowledge that it has been selected by a highly qualified and prestigious jury .
The Prize can present Spanish artists or residents in Spain, in the modalities of painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving and watercolor in formats designed to enable the participation of all creators, from 46 cms to the maximum size of 200.
The bases and the registration form can now be downloaded from the AEPE website www.apintoresyescultores.es, tab “Contests and Awards”, sub-tab “Bases”, and in the same tab, sub-tab “Salón de Otoño”.