always in our memories

Dear family of partners and friends of the AEPE:

After going through very hard moments that we have managed to overcome … with a lot of art !!!, we must stop along the way and remember all those who have finished their journey with us and who will accompany us forever in our hearts. They now watch over us and come to inspire our work and our work, to set an example for us and to enlighten us on a path that many times is difficult for us …

We have all noticed a lack around us, a loved one, family member, friend, acquaintance … and so many strangers who scream at us and hold our soul, but inspire us with hope for a future that they dreamed of and that is now ours.

We mourn her departure and we offer this show of recognition to those who are suffering it most severely, especially to the associates and friends linked to whom we form this great family of art that will forever remember them.

May her eternal rest help our fatigue.

We not only publish obituaries of those artists of recognized fame.

For us, they are all equally important because we were all united by a common interest: art.

For all of them, for those who have accompanied us on this unique path, for those who have shared some moment of their lives with us, for those who have had a smile for us, or have
crossed if you want from afar with our wandering, for all, this show of sincere affection and respect for those who will be forever in our memory and in our hearts.


José Gabriel Astudillo López


Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors