110 AEPE exhibition opened

Last Tuesday, March 10, 2020, at the La Lonja Hall, Casa del Reloj Cultural Center of the Municipal Board of Arganzuela, the inauguration ceremony and awards ceremony of the “110 AEPE” contest took place, which on the occasion of the celebration of the 110 years of the foundation of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, the President summoned last January.

The event was chaired by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the AEPE and was attended by the Vice President, Juan Manuel López-Reina,  some of the members of the Board of Directors, such as Antonio Téllez de Peralta, Carmen Bonilla Carrasco, Fernando de Marta, Ana Martínez Córdoba, and Itziar Zabalza Murillo as well as a large group of exhibitors, partners and friends of the centenary entity.

José Gabriel Astudillo highlighted in his speech the importance of this call with the following words:

On April 15, 2020, the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors celebrates 110 years of an existence marked by the wealth of its greatest heritage: its partners.

And it is that for those of us who form this great family of partners of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, it is a real pride to be members of such an illustrious institution and to be an active part of an entity that continues to renew itself and interact with Spanish society through the World of artistic creation.

Many have been the artists who have allowed with their creative activity to vertebrate over time an association that has come to celebrate the century of existence with an eye on the future. Many are those who continue to make this path today.

These creators, of acclaimed and recognized talent and many others completely anonymous, are not ordinary people, but artists. Only in this way can their capacity for enthusiasm and vocational struggle, creative work and generosity be explained, which they have been wasting over time, and continue to contribute, in favor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

And there have also been men of culture, intellectuals and art-sensitive people who have served it from positions and management positions and still serve selflessly. All of them, anonymous and famous, are today worthy of applause and congratulations.

To fulfill a century of life is a milestone for any cultural entity. It is a great satisfaction to see the result left behind by more than one hundred and ten years of creativity, artistic innovation and dedication to society.

But the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors looks to the future, not forgetting the past, writing in the present the illusion of the challenge of continuing to grow the legacy received, of such extraordinary weight in the Spanish cultural world.

They are one hundred and ten years of corporate life at the service of art in Spain under the direction of the great masters of Spanish painting.

There are one hundred and ten years among which more than 9,000 artistic and cultural activities have been developed, more than eighty-six Autumn Rooms have been organized, an endless number of various exhibitions and the important Reina Sofía Prize for Painting and Sculpture, in order premeditated to give the youth that begins their struggle, an occasion to expose the fruit of their dreams and ambitions. Good proof of this is the coincidence that in these competitions all the great masters began their artistic career.

They are, as we say, one hundred and ten years of life oriented in the effort, in the enthusiasm and in the love to the true art of Spain, in which the city of Madrid has become, of the hand of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors , at the forefront of healthy, intelligent and ethical rebellions in this pilgrimage that is artistic life, through dreams and fulfilled realities. Therefore, our next dream is to strengthen an open image of the Association in artistic and cultural circles.

With this motive, in January I called you to make a great show in which to demonstrate the potential of the artists that formed this great family that of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

An exhibition that under the title of 110. AEPE, we celebrate in the splendid Exhibition Hall of the Casa del Reloj Cultural Center of the district of Arganzuela, to whom from these lines I wish to thank your support and trust in this institution.

And to you, the artists, the partners that keep this magic alive, the miracle in the midst of the growing disappointment around the world of culture, that you make us vibrate in each new exhibition, that you work every day more to show us the best of you themselves and the extraordinary talent that characterizes you, congratulate you effusively and wish you all the best together with us.


The exhibition, which can be visited until March 27 and which opened its doors on day 4, has had an extraordinary success of participation, at the end with a total of 114 works between winners and selected, and has included two honorary awards : The 110th Anniversary Painting Medal and the 110th Anniversary Sculpture Medal, as a deserved tribute to 110 years of existence, in addition to different Honorable Mentions.

The jury in charge of performing the selection and qualification work has been formed by José Gabriel Astudillo López, President of the AEPE and Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE, as Secretary of the same, both with voice and without vote, and as directors the directors Alicia Sánchez Carmona, Ana Martínez Córdoba and Itziar Zabalza Murillo, and Luis Vecilla Rivelles, painter and partner of the AEPE chosen at random.

The awards ceremony was presented at the opening ceremony, which turned out to be the following:

PAINTING MEDAL 110 ANNIVERSARY OF THE AEPE, Pepe Linares Molina. Hellensol Oil / canvas 97 x 130

SCULPTURE MEDAL 110 ANNIVERSARY OF THE AEPE, José Manuel Solares. The reader. Resin and earth. 55 x 14 x 14

MENTION OF HONOR, Susana G. Bravo. Crystal wings. Oil / board 90 x 120

MENTION OF HONOR, Carlos Losa. Balance. Acrylic / Canvas 100 x 70

MENTION OF HONOR, Austión Shot. The prodigal son. Cold beaten sheet. 40 x 50 x 100

The artists that make up the 110 AEPE exhibition are the following: Esther Abajo Meléndez – Cristina Agulló – Joaquín Alarcón González – Jesús Alcolea Ríos – Myriam Álvarez de Toledo – Gloria Andrade – Juan Carlos Atroche Medina – Carmen Barba – Leonor Berlanga – Mª José Beltrán Verdes (Nana Beltrán) – Carmen Bonilla – Martina Cantero – Manuela Carcelén – Paloma Casado – Gloria Cediel – Ángela Cepeda – Luis Condado Ayuso – Pilar Cortés – Carmen Charro – Enrique Delgado Contreras – Rosa Díaz – Sopetrán Doménech – Carmen Espinosa – Carmelo Esteban – Mar Esteban – Maribel Estévez García – Marta Estévez Jorge – Araceli Fernández Andrés – Mª Pilar Fernández Antón (Pilar Feran) – Diego Fernández – Elena Fernández Camazón (Helen Fernández) – Karlos Fernández Eguia (Karfereguia) – Joaquín Fernández Igual – José Luis Fiol Valero – Mª Esther Flórez – Manuel Fournier – Francisco José Franco Ramírez de Arellano (Arellano) – Javier Fuentes Morán – Susana García Bravo (Susana G. Bravo) – M. García García – Ángeles García-Quismondo – José García Martínez (Gamar) – Carmen García Mesás (Naná Messás) – Rafael Gómez Mena (Mena) – Eva González – Larissa González Martínez (Larisa G. Rush) – Mª Luisa González Ossorio – Argentina González Tamames – Lydia Gordillo Pereira – Mª Mar Haro Ruiz – Teiji  Ishizuka – Antonio Izquierdo – Victoria Jáimez – Rosa Lecumberri – Pablo Linares (Acuarela Revolution) – Pepe Linares Molina – Toñi López. Aquafonía Toñi López – Enrique López Sardón – Ian Lorenzo – Paulino Lorenzo Tardón (Paulino L. Tardón) – Carlos Losa – Juan Ramón Luque Ávalos – Felipe de Madariaga – María R. Maluenda – Juan Antonio Marbán – Fernando de Marta – José Luis Martín de Blas Aguado – Teresa Martín Sánchez de Rojas – Raquel Mayor – Sirgo Medeles Pimentel – Jaime Mestres Estartús (Estartús) – Geanina Miler – Isabel Monfort – Vicente Moya Gallego – Antonio Municio – Concha Muñoz – Pedro Muñoz – Julio Murciego – Pilar Navamuel – Concha Navarro – Ángel Navas (Navas D Velázquez) – Erika Nolte – Julio Nuez – José Luis Ortega Flórez de Uria (Flórez de Uría) – Feli Ortega Heras – Mª Ángeles Palomeque Messía – Fernando Peña Corchado (Leodegario) – José Antonio de la Peña García – Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana) – Jesús Pérez Hornero – Regina Pérez Alonso – Juan Francisco Pérez-Rosas Hidalgo – Luis Pereira – José Pablo Puente Jerez (Puente Jerez) – Pura Ramos – Gerardo Rodríguez Granda – Manolo Romero – Fuensanta Ruiz Urien (Fuensanta R. Urien) – Cristina Sánchez – Avelina Sánchez-Carpio – Lola Santos – Teresa Sanz Arroyo  – Jorge Andrés Segovia Gabucio – José Manuel Solares – Arturo Tejero – Antonio Téllez de Peralta – Austión Tirado – Adela Trifán (Adelacreative) – Lena Ustinova – Mª Luisa Valero – José Valladares Moreno – Leovigildo J. Cristóbal Valverde – Mª Dolores Verdú (Flor Verdú) – José Zahonero Vera.

110 AEPE

On the 110th anniversary of the foundation

of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

From March 4 to 27, 2020

La Lonja Exhibition Hall

Casa del Reloj Cultural Center

Paseo de la Chopera, 6-10

28045 Madrid

Metro: Legazpi (lines 3, 6)

Bus: 62, 6, 78, 148

More information, photographs and the digital catalog published for that reason, on this website, tab “Certificates and Awards”, subtab “110 AEPE”.