(Español) Las Medallas de la AEPE: Antonio Casero Sanz

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Beatriz de Bartolomé triumphs in Las Ventas

The partner Beatriz de Bartolomé has just closed the exhibition “Encounters in the arena. The soul of a bullfighter “, in the Antonio Welcome Hall of the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, and has had a great success of critics and public.

The sample consisted of more than thirty original watercolors painted on paper, half of them large format that tried to capture the different virtues of the soul of a bullfighter. Using light, movement and color to get to feel the essence of the bullfighter and capture those unique and unrepeatable moments that happen on the arena arena.

Patience, constancy, effort, temper, art, courage, love of the bull …. Virtues that parade on the sand of the arena in its union with the caste of the bull, the essence of this party, forming part of its lifestyle, Their way of being and their education.

In addition, the exhibition “Tarde en las Ventas”, watercolor awarded with a Mention of Honor in the 54th San Isidro Contest of Plastic Arts organized by the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has also been seen in this exhibition.