Inmobiliarias Encuentro, colaborador del 87 Salón de Otoño de la AEPE

El Premio Inmobiliarias Encuentro, que consistirá en la realización de una exposición al artista ganador, en los espacios de oficinas que posee en la ciudad de Madrid, situadas en calles emblemáticas como la Calle Serrano 81, esquina con General Orá, en el corazón del barrio de Salamanca, en la Calle Pilar de Zaragoza 35, también en el barrio de Salamanca, en la Calle Cavanilles 16, junto al Retiro, en la Calle Embajadores 114, en la misma rotonda de Santa Maria de la Cabeza y en la Calle de Toledo 82, situada justo en frente de la emblemática fuentecilla del barrio de La Latina.

En un intento de aunar los conceptos Arte y casas, arte y sector inmobiliario, Inmobiliarias Encuentro ha creado el denominado “Encuentro con el Arte”, una experiencia en la que sus sedes sociales en Madrid, exhiben pinturas y trabajos de artistas

Encuentro con el Arte es una idea que busca que ambos universos se beneficien de las evidentes sinergias. Inmobiliarias Encuentro pone a disposición del arte y de los artistas sus espacios de oficinas, convirtiéndolas en galerías de arte no convencionales para contribuir así a la creación de un circuito de arte off Madrid que pueda sumarse a los ya consolidados. Una acción que ayuda a dar visibilidad a artistas emergentes del panorama nacional.

Más información:

Summoned the 86th Fall Salon 2019

The visual image of the contest is the work of Javier Ortas

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors announces the 86th edition of the Autumn Salon, which has the support of the Maxam Foundation

Until October 5 the works can be presented

The winning works will be announced on November 7

The finalist works will be exhibited at the Casa de Vacas del Retiro in Madrid from October 31 to November 24

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, with the unconditional support of the Maxam Foundation, announces the 86th Autumn Salon, the oldest and most prestigious artistic event in Spain, whose purpose is to stimulate creation and contribute especially to the promotion and the projection of artists in Spain.
The call has 7 free access prizes, the Down Madrid Painting Medal, reserved for artists of this group who will exhibit the winning work for the third time within the framework of the Exhibition and a total of eleven more Medals, reserved for the members of the centenary entity, whose attraction lies in the recognition of artists by other artists and in the prestigious awards, which bear the name of the founders of AEPE.
“Reaching the 86th edition of a renowned event such as the Salon de Otoño, says José Gabriel Astudillo, President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, is a triumph in itself, since no other contest in Spain treasures that age, nor a list of names such as the one that the institution has gathered all these years, names that are already part of the history of art such as Picasso, Alberti, Benlliure, the Benedito brothers, Benjamín Palencia, Vázquez Díaz “…
The 1st Autumn Salon of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors was born in 1920 and since its inception seeks the promotion of new values ​​in a line of innovative culture, that is, does not seek a display of awards that involve an economic endowment, but a excellence that transforms into the dissemination of the work and the artist, and that, according to José Gabriel Astudillo, means not endowing the awards economically, but being creative and channeling those selected and awarded on the difficult path of artistic creation.

Recognize talent is just what entities like Tritoma Cultural Management, the Getafe City Council, the Baluarte Hall of the City of Tres Cantos, Codina Escultura, Encuentro Real Estate, Santiago de Santiago and the Spanish Association of Watercolor Painters, which converge in this new edition of the Autumn Salon, next to the City Hall of Madrid, which will exhibit the selected and awarded works in the Casa de Vacas from the Parque del Retiro in Madrid from October 31 to November 24, and the Maxam Foundation, the official sponsor of the Hall.
The jury of the award, which will be made up of prestigious people in the fields of criticism, art history and artistic activity, will be chaired by the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, acting as Secretary of the same Maria Dolores Barreda Perez, Secretary General of the AEPE, will make a selection of the works presented, from which will come the winners, which will be exhibited in the Casa de Vacas of the Retiro Park in Madrid between October 31 and on November 24, 2019. The winners will be announced on November 7, at the moment of the jury’s decision, awards ceremony and opening of the exhibition.
Throughout these last 6 years, the Salon de Otoño has become a traditional event within the Spanish art scene, a must in terms of novelties, trends and new contemporary plastic proposals, as well as a showcase for the best painting and current sculpture.
Each year the artists have the opportunity to present their new creations and opt for an accredited Prize that includes the edition of a catalog, the exhibition of their pictorial work and the knowledge that it has been selected by a highly qualified and prestigious jury .
The Prize can present Spanish artists or residents in Spain, in the modalities of painting, sculpture, drawing, engraving and watercolor in formats designed to enable the participation of all creators, from 46 cms to the maximum size of 200.
The bases and the registration form can now be downloaded from the AEPE website, tab “Contests and Awards”, sub-tab “Bases”, and in the same tab, sub-tab “Salón de Otoño”.

Real Estate Awards Meeting for the Autumn Salon of the AEPE

Last Friday, May 18, the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo López, accompanied by the General Secretary, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, held a working meeting with Alan Hernández, General Director of Encuentro Real Estate, fruit from which was born the award of the prize that with the name of the real estate, will be included from this Autumn Salon.

In an attempt to combine the concepts Art and houses, art and real estate, Real Estate Encuentro has created the so-called “Encounter with Art”, an experience in which their social headquarters in Madrid, exhibit paintings and works of artists in a way that according to explains Alan Hernández: “Works of art can be seen, felt, liked or disliked … Exactly the same thing happens with houses; you see them, you feel them, you like them or not. And I discovered that everything is a matter of emotions. Then I saw it very clearly: and if we join both emotions in the same initiative? “.

Encounter with Art is an idea that seeks that both universes benefit from the obvious synergies. Real Estate Encuentro puts at the disposal of art and artists their office spaces, turning them into unconventional art galleries to contribute to the creation of an art circuit off Madrid that can be added to those already consolidated. An action that helps to give visibility to emerging artists from the national scene.

The initiatives promoted by Encuentro con el Arte are supported by the Encuentro blog (with an agenda and interviews with the artists), with a press release, a newsletter to more than 7,000 potential clients and dissemination on social networks.

With these perspectives, his contact with the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors is specified in the Encuentro Real Estate Prize, which will consist of an exhibition of the winning artist, in the office spaces he has in the city of Madrid, located on streets emblematic as Calle Serrano 81, corner with General Orá, in the heart of the Salamanca district, in Calle Pilar de Zaragoza 35, also in the neighborhood of Salamanca, on Calle Cavanilles 16, next to the Retiro, in Calle Embajadores 114 , in the same roundabout of Santa Maria de la Cabeza and Calle de Toledo 82, located just in front of the emblematic fountain in the neighborhood of La Latina.

The Young Talent Award “Encuentro” will then consist of the assignment of the exhibition spaces of the venues available in Madrid and its corresponding triptych, for an exhibition that will take place in the year following the celebration of the Autumn Salon , on the date agreed by Real Estate Encuentro and the winner of the prize.

During the meeting, various topics of interest to the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors were also discussed, the results of which may be visible in a not very distant period of time, such as the 10% discount that will be given to those who are accredited as members of the centenary entity of the services they provide.

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