Opening of the virtual exhibition of the V Salon of Abstract Art of the AEPE

On May 7, starting at 6:00 p.m., the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors will open the first virtual exhibition in its 110-year history.
For this, the President of the AEPE, José Gabriel Astudillo, has sent a communication to all the members in which they are invited to go to this same web page, in the “Contests and Awards” tab, sub-tab “Art Hall Abstract “, where a gallery of photographs of the more than 150 works that have been presented at this first unrivaled event will hang.
In his communication, he tells us:
“Dear partners and friends,
In the hope that you are well, I am writing these words to inform you that, as you already know, the V Salon of Abstract Art modified its bases to adapt it to the times we live in, thus becoming the first virtual exhibition of the AEPE.
All this has been thanks to your participation and despite the fact that we would have liked to inaugurate it together with you, current circumstances have not made this possible.
That is why we have adapted the contents to the web environment that we will make public tomorrow, May 7, 2020, from 6:00 p.m. moment in which the exhibition of the V ABSTRACT ART ROOM OF THE AEPE will be virtually inaugurated.
I invite you to join us from home through the following link:
The entire team of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors sends you a big hug and just wants you to enjoy it.
As you can see, we continue to make history … with a lot of art !!!!!
We wait for you,

José Gabriel Astudillo López
President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors

In the link of this same website, you will also find the list of participants, partners and friends of art who are already part of our history:

Lorena Aguirre Ramirez

Cristina Agulló Tecles

Aracely Alarcón

Joaquín Alarcón González

Pablo Alberti

Jesús Alcolea

Martarita Algora Weber

Susana Alonso de Sousa (Alonso de Sousa)

María Alonso Páez

Ramos Andrés Redondo

Mar Aragón Esteban

Carmen Barba Lorenzo (BarbaC)

Asunción Bau

Mª José Beltrán Verdes (Nana Beltrán)

Lorna Benavides Romero

José Antonio Benítez Antón

Leonor Berlanga

Mª Carmen Blanco Covarrubias (C. Baco Covarrubias)

Carmen Bonilla Carrasco

Juan Luis Borra (JLBorra)

Jalal Boudra

María José Bro Valero

Javier Bustos Ramos

Eugenio Cabello Ibáñez

Antonio Calleja Sierra

Irene Cantalejo Martín

Martina Cantero

Pilar Carballedo del Valle

Rafael Castillo Ruiz

Gloria Cediel Lafuente

Ángeles Cifuentes Serrano

Rafael Clemente

Charo Crespo

Pompeyo Curbelo Martín

Carmen Dabrowski Pernas (Maryla Dabrowska)

Enrique Delgado Contreras

María Xesús Díaz

Francisco Díaz Muñoz

Higinio Díaz-Marta Garrón (Gini)

Enriqueta Domínguez (Queca Domínguez)

Carmen Durán Sanz

Federico Eguia

Rosa Escalona Marín

José Carmelo Esteban Gracia (Carmelo Esteban)

Karlos Fernández Eguía (Karfereguía)

Diego Fernández Sánchez

Rafael Ferreira Jiménez

Mª Dolores Flores Verdú (Flor Verdú)

María Esther Flórez

Raimundo Folch

Manuel Fournier

Pepe G. Personal

Herminda Gago Blanco

Félix Gala Fernández

 Susana García Bravo

María García García

Ángel García Jiménez

Fernando García de Juan

José García Martínez (Gamar)

Ana García Pulido (Ana GPulido- Anayë-)

Paloma García Viladomat (Paloma Viladomat)

Mª Ángeles García-Quismondo

Isabel Garrido

Saúl Gil Corona (Sául Corona)

Rafael Giráldez (Elizoescultor)

Jesús Gómez del Peso (Jesús del Peso)

Rafael Gómez Mena (Mena)

Ana Gómez Vivas (Ana Vivas)

Paloma González (Paloma González Ro)

Javier González Ramos (Javier González)

Juan Antonio González Sáiz (Juanchi)

Marien de Haro

Manuel Hernández Díaz

Albano Hernández Domínguez (Albano)

Susana Huerta Rodríguez

Inocencia Isabel Sanz

Victoria Jáimez García

Juan Jiménez

Narciso Lafuente Gil

Rosa Lecumberri

Pablo Linares Amor

Mª Carmen López Delgado (Carminatouchelà)

Mariluz López Dupont (Dupont)

Toñi López González (Aquafonía Toñi López)

Paula López Moreno

Enrique López Sardón

Paulino Lorenzo Tardón (Paulino L. Tardón)

Carlos Losa Revuelta

María R Maluenda Gómez

Rosario Martín Blasco

José Luis Martín de Blas Aguado

Pedro Martín García (Pedro Lalo)

Andrés Martínez Blanco

Ana Martínez Córdoba

Carmen Martínez León (Carmen León)

Ricardo Mas Ortíz

Jaime Mestres Estartús (Estartús)

Geanina Miler

Isabel Monfort

Mª Rosa Moreno Moreno (Rosim Moreno Moreno)

Antonio Municio

Miguel Muñoz Gómez-Platero (Platero)

Sacramento Muñoz Mejías (Mento Muñoz Mejías)

Nuria Muñoz Sánchez-Horneros

Julio César Murciego Cabrero (Julio Murciego)

Juan Naranjo Torres

Concha Navarro

Margarita Navas Camba

Ángel Navas García (Navas D Velázquez)

Erika Nolte Amann

Ángel Nuñez García

Javier Ortas

José Luis Ortega Flórez de Uría (Flórez de Uría)

Feliciana Ortega Heras

Ángela Palomeque Messía

Jorge Juan Pedraza López (Jorge Pedraza)

Adalberto  Pereira da Silva

José Luis Pereira Miónes (Luis Pereira)

Juan Pérez Galiana (Galiana)

Jesús Pérez Hornero

Juan Francisco Pérez-Rosas Hidalgo

Pietro Putigniano

Pura Ramos

Maravillas Recio (Mavi Recio)

Pablo Redondo (Odnoder)

Mª Luisa Riaza (Malu Riaza)

Raúl Rodríguez (Ciriaco)

Isabel Rodríguez Banda

Mª Luisa Rojo Grandio (Novais)

Manolo Romero Solano

Antonio Ruiz Torres

Fuensanta Ruiz Urien (Fuensanta R. Urien)

Esperanza Ruíz-Olmo

Arantza Sáez de Lafuente (A. Sáez de Lafuente)

Salvador Samper

Avelina Prieto Sánchez-Carpio (Avelina Sánchez-Carpio)

Carmen Santiago Castaño

M. Dolores Santos (Lola Santos)

Carolina Sauca Hernández

Ángel Segovia Martín

Lika Shkhvatsabaia

Ana Solanas

José Manuel Solares Rosa

Linda de Sousa

Arturo Tejero Esteban

Antonio Téllez de Peralta

Austion Tirado

Adela Trifán (Adelacreative)

Antonio Denis Vázquez

Mª Iluminada Vinuesa Cortázar (Ilumín Cortázar)

(Español) Las Medallas de la AEPE: Ángel Ferrant y Vázquez

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

Called the IV Salt of Abstracto Art of the AEPE

The Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors has convened the fourth edition of the Salon of Abstract Art which may attend all artists residing in Spain who wish.

Each author may attend the contest with as many original works as he wishes, the subject and technique being free, making abstract art a sign and symbol, both in its capacity to produce the most varied emotions and in representing the most incredible stimuli.

The contest includes the sections of painting (drawing, engraving and watercolor) and sculpture The minimum size will be 50 x 50 and the maximum of 150 x 150. Each work presented will bear the author’s name, address, title, technique employed and the measures.

The following prizes will be awarded: JOSE MARIA LOPEZ MEZQUITA PAINTING MEDAL, endowed with the Medal and Diploma of the AEPE, the ANGEL FERRANT AND VÁZQUEZ SCULPTURE MEDAL, endowed with AEPE Medal and Diploma and Distinct MENTIONS OF HONOR, endowed with a Diploma. The Qualification Jury may grant the Honorable Mentions that it deems appropriate. The jury, which will designate the award and order of the prizes, will select the works for the exhibition and will be able to resolve any eventuality not foreseen in the bases, will be made up of experts of recognized prestige.

The awarded and selected works will be exhibited in the month of April in the Sala Juana Francés and the Sala Pablo Serrano of the Junta de Tetuán, located in the

Calle Bravo Murillo, 357 in Madrid, and the awards ceremony will be held at the inauguration of the same, whose date will be properly reported.

The dates to be taken into account will be the following:

Photo submission: until March 15, 2019

Physical works presentation end: Tuesday, March 26, 2019

From May 6 to 10, 2019: withdrawal of works from headquarters

Bases IV Salón de Arte Abstracto 2019


Imagen visual obra de Carmen Bonilla Carrasco