Soledad Lorenzo received the “Medal of Honor” from the AEPE

At an event held last Friday at the institutional headquarters of the AEPE, the art gallery owner Soledad Lorenzo collected the “Medal of Honor”, ​​which was awarded to her President José Gabriel Astudillo, in recognition of her extraordinary contribution to the art world.

Full of attendees, among which were numerous partners and friends, as well as different collaborating entities of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, an emotional event took place in which by way of introduction, the General Secretary, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, performed a human profile of the gallery owner, highlighting the spontaneous tribute, born from the heart of all those who form the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, and with special emphasis on the human values ​​that surround the person of Soledad Lorenzo.

Soledad Lorenzo, who at some moments was nervous, excited and grateful, and wanted to correspond by making a small review, always from his experience and his special experienced look, to the current art situation, in which he stood out, finds nothing new that I moved her especially.

There were many friends and admirers who wanted to accompany Soledad Lorenzo in this act, such as the Managing Director of the Thyssen Museum, Evelio Acevedo, the President of Down Madrid, Ignacio Egea, the Adviser to the Councilor for Culture of the City of Madrid, Isabel Rossel , the representative of the Councilor for Retirement, Antonio Pardo, the Director of El Taller del Prado, Francisco Molina, other illustrious recipients of the Medal of Honor, such as Rafael Botí Torres and Tomás Paredes Romero, in addition to the members of the Board of Directors, Juan Manuel López Reina, Alicia, Sánchez Camacho, Antonio Téllez de Peralta, Paloma Casado, Carmen Bonilla Carrasco, Fernando de Marta, Ana Martínez Córdoba and Itziar Zabalza.

The President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo, made special mention to the authorities who have excused the attendance to the act, with special emphasis on the call of the Royal House, in which S.M. Queen Doña Sofía, Honorary President of the institution, and Infanta Doña Elena, begged her to send her most affectionate congratulations to the honoree.

As on other occasions, because of the endearing words that Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez made as an introduction, words that moved not only the honoree, but all the attendees, and by the fiery defense of his human profile, we review below the intervention of the General Secretariat:

“Soledad Lorenzo is one of those essential figures when talking about art in Spain.

As I always tell you on these occasions, you can go to her website to consult her biography, the books published about her and her work, a multitude of writings in which to dive and discover her life.

What I would like to offer you here is just a few strokes about your person, so that you can get a broader idea of ​​your conception of art.

Soledad Lorenzo is small and meticulous, patient, elegant, a full-fledged art lady, a beautiful and spiky woman who has had to suffer in her personal life great ravages from which art and work saved her. And although he has never been a collector, he sometimes stayed with works by artists that he believed were important.

After his initiation stage, he set up his own art gallery, now mythical among all of us who are part of this world, a project that closed, just as it closed a stage of his life, turning the page and reflecting on what was achieved.

They were 40 years of gallery owner who, fortunately, have been reflected in the book “A life with art”, a project prepared by Antonio Lucas and Mariano Navarro, the result of the prize that the Art and Patronage Foundation gave him in 2012.

Prophet in his land, he has also been recognized with a multitude of awards and distinctions, such as the illustrious torrelavegense, the Gold Medal of Fine Arts, the Gold Medal for Merit at Work, the Great Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise …

Soledad Lorenzo, although she does not know it, already has a work that links her to this Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors: it is the Gold Medal of the Madrid City Council, an original work made by the President of this centennial institution, José Pascual Ortells López …

Today he receives another Medal, the work of another of our Presidents, in this case, of Fructuoso Orduña, which will already be two works with which our house approaches this …

He has always lived events and experiences in a natural and logical way, although from a perspective of curiosity and research.

Fascinated with life, she firmly believes in the idea of ​​overcoming that we all carry inside and never complains about anything.

Since its inception, he has worked with living artists, from whom he can learn and assimilate his creativity and brilliance, which he seeks tirelessly with exquisite sensitivity.

He believes that “the wonder of art is emotional and non-transferable and culture is the basis of the progress of society.”

In his own words, “his goal has never been success, but to avoid failure.”

He thinks that despite the freedom we enjoy, we do not speak freely, but nevertheless, if it is painted freely.

An indefatigable worker, she is a strong person, who seems to have found peace far from the anguish of failure.

After having given his whole life to art and artists, surrounded by art in a unique artistic and cultural environment, from his home in Madrid de los Austrias, he looks forward to his impressive collection, deposited in the Reina Sofía Museum and continues to reflect on of the cultural and artistic reality of Spain, collaborating in an altruistic way, in activities such as the one that concerns us today in the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

She better than anyone knows and knows the sorrows of those who dedicate their lives to the world of art; she, who has boasted and raised great contemporary artists.

Soledad Lorenzo represents everything that has already disappeared and that the artist of today misses so much: the role of a professional gallery owner.

The current galleries are limited to rent their spaces and entrust all the promotion and marketing to the artist himself, unable to cover all the necessary aspects to develop his career.

She didn’t, because she used to be a real intermediary between collectors, critics, curators, between the artist and his work.

That’s why Soledad Lorenzo meant a before and after in the art world. She understood the artists, guided them through the difficult world of creation and knew how to put herself in the place of her clients, selecting for them those works that best fit her personality.

Soledad, who despite the name, has never been alone, has understood that despite the overvalued that is the ideal of beauty, art accompanies and gathers and in some people with sensitivity, as is the case, it is essential in their lives, It is a need that never runs out.

Soledad Lorenzo values ​​the work of the gallery owners in its rightful measure, as a profession in which the gallery owner presents the artists that excite him and work so that both can live off their work.

And all that is also, and really, an art that painters and sculptors of all time value and miss today.

A whole art, as I say, that has our deepest admiration for his work and that today is thus rewarded with the award of the Medal of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors so deserved.

Thank you very much


Then, the President handed the Medal of Honor to Soledad Lorenzo, who received it excitedly and in which he could only thank the honor and declare himself happy for the fact of being there, and knowing himself really the object of such special attention.

Las palabras del Presidente fueron:

The President’s words were:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, authorities, dear partners, friends:

Welcome to this humble act that, although not covered by the solemn and institutional solemnity of a regular awards ceremony, does contain in itself, the best of this Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors.

Free of rigid protocols, we prepare this act with the love and feeling of those who pay a sincere and emotional tribute to those who have done so much for art in Spain.

Today we deliver the Medal of Honor of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors and it is up to me, as President, the honor to materialize it.

A true pride in the brilliant career and excellent biography of our honoree, who has managed to channel her vocation so successfully, helping artists of different styles and techniques, to encumbrate in the always difficult world of contemporary art.

Soledad Lorenzo helped them with her example until she achieved recognition and notoriety, also creating an environment conducive to it, for the creation and transmission of knowledge, involving the whole society and inviting her to a work of reflection on the culture that It has been fruitful and tremendously positive.

And he did everything guided by his intuition and thanks to his immense talent, the one he is born with and that cannot be learned or granted happily; talent that in ancient times was a currency, a measure of wealth.

The parable of the talents now comes to mind, which serves as a reflection to ask where our talents have gone and admire how well Soledad Lorenzo has managed to manage what she discovered.

As you all know, the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors was born in 1910. The Foundation Act was signed by more than 180 great artists of the time, with whom I am sure, Soledad Lorenzo would have been excited, because we talk about artists like Sorolla, Cecilio Pla, Benlliure, Romero de Torres, Gutiérrez Solana, Miguel Blay, José Clará … and thus a long list of, allow me the bullfighting term, “first swords” of art.

Art. That is what unites us, Soledad Lorenzo and this Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, the art of those who have managed to create the right environment for talent to develop, recognize it, raise it, and present it to society to appreciate it.

We live in convulsive years, not only politically speaking. The loss of the direction of society affects all areas of life, and especially in what surrounds the world of art.

That is why we must recognize those who like Soledad Lorenzo, like this same Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, fight and bet on talent, for those who claim and value the talents in Spain.

We are institutions such as the AEPE, such as Soledad Lorenzo, now an institution and legend, who believed and continued to believe in them. Because we believed and continue to believe in their values, in their vocation.

And we clothe you with all our example. A wonderful example of more than 100 years, in our case, and a paradigm of professionalism like the one that Soledad Lorenzo brings together, to whom today we pay tribute.

A consideration and respect that I am convinced, Soledad will appreciate because it comes expressly from the artists, those who throughout his life has helped so much.

This is not a pompous award or a title awarded by high instances so far away from the patent and pathetic reality that we live today. It is a simple show of consideration to those who have known how to fall in love with modern art, on the part of those who are doing it right now, of the same artists who see with admiration who has fought so much throughout a lifetime, for them .

An honor that we grant to a lifetime of personal struggle and vicissitudes of the spirit, not for glory or profit, but for realizing something that did not exist.

A recognition with which to encourage that among all those who listen to us and dedicate themselves to the same struggle and desires, there is one that one day stands here, where Soledad Lorenzo sits today, and once again serves as an example of tenacity at the service of art and culture.

The artists, grateful, honor you today and applaud, expressing our most sincere recognition.

Después, llegó el momento de compartir entre todos los asistentes, brindando y celebrando el momento.



On Friday, the Medal of Honor is awarded to Soledad Lorenzo

Next Friday, December 13, 2019, at the headquarters of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, located on Calle Infantas, number 30, at 7 pm. The ceremony of delivery of the AEPE Medal to the Spanish contemporary art gallery owner, the undisputed reference of the art market in Spain in the last quarter of the 20th century, will take place.


Soledad Lorenzo García (Torrelavega, Cantabria, September 13, 1937), spent his childhood in his hometown, but due to political problems of his father, Pedro Lorenzo Molleda (Republican mayor of Torrelavega imprisoned during the civil war), the whole family moved to Madrid, Zaragoza and later to Barcelona. He received the title of Illustrious Torrelaveguense from his hometown in 2007.

Soledad Lorenzo was left without a family when he was still very young, one of the reasons he gave his whole life to art and its artists, according to his own words “the wonder of art is emotional and non-transferable and culture is the basis of progress of the society”.

Since she was a child she attended gatherings and exhibitions with her father in Barcelona, ​​which encouraged her love for painting and sculpture. With six years he had already posed for Joaquim Sunyer, a leading member of Catalan Novecentismo.

She married in 1960 at age 23, lived with her husband in London, executive of the Spanish construction company Huarte, for eleven years, but as a result of a cancer she died in Madrid in 1973 and at 36 she became a widow. “I don’t believe in God, I believe in life,” he would say later in an interview.

In 1974 he began his professional learning in the art world when he worked at the Fernando Guereta gallery, soon he is gaining confidence and ease, and the artists were becoming his great friends. From 1976 he began working for eight years at the Theo Gallery in Madrid, with its owners the marriage formed by the painter Fernando Mignoni and Elvira González. In 1985, through the Ministry of Culture, she was the curator in Brussels of the exhibitions that Spain presented at the Europalia Spanish culture festival, on the occasion of Spain’s entry into the Common Market.

In 1989 the photographer Helmut Newton, one of the great figures of the twentieth century, Australian of German origin known for his fashion photographs and his famous portraits of celebrities, looks at Lorenzo and takes an exquisite photograph, which has been part of the extensive production of this international photographer.

Lorenzo needed direct contact with the artists so he decided to create his own art gallery in 1986. His reference as a gallery model was the Juana Mordó gallery. He settled in a very spacious and bright place on Orfila street in Madrid and remained there until it was closed. The reform was done by his architect brother, Ricardo Lorenzo García, with the painter Gustavo Torner.

He opened the gallery with the artist Alfonso Fraile, followed by Gustavo Torner, Jordi Texeidor, Vicente Rojo, Antonio Lorenzo, Pablo Palazuelo, of whom he was a great friend. Later he worked with artists such as Tàpies, José Luis Gómez Perales, Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Miquel Barceló, Soledad Sevilla, Hernández Pijoan, Luis Gordillo, Antonio Lorenzo.

The first young artists who worked with her were the Basque sculptors Txomin Badiola and Pello Irazu, Broto, Pedro Mora, Susy Gómez, Juan Uslé, PereJaume Victoria Civera, Íñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Jorge Galindo, José Maria Sicilia, Sergio Prego, Ana Laura Alaez, La Ribot. Very soon it opened to the international market by participating in the best contemporary art fairs. He has worked with internationally renowned artists such as Louise Bourgeois, an artist with whom he had a close relationship, Julian Schnabel, Ross Blecker, Tony Oursler, Robert Longo, Paul McCarthy, David Salle among others. He has participated in the best European art fairs, such as the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid, the Basel Art Basel fair in Switzerland and Frieze in London.7

In December 2012, he closed his gallery that he directed for 26 years, since he considered that with his well-known self-demand and with an age of 75 years, he could not deliver at the same pace and with the maximum intensity that the work with his artists required. And although he has never been a collector, he sometimes stayed with works by artists that he believed were important. A selection of them has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Santander and in Valencia.

He lives in a large loft in Madrid de los Austrias where he lives surrounded by works by his artists such as Juan Uslé, Philipp Fröhlich, José María Sicilia, Victoria Civera among others. It also preserves a sculpture from the spider series by Louise Bourgeois (author’s gift). He has never sought success, however, he has always accompanied him.

He wished that the works he owned were in the Reina Sofía National Art Museum in Madrid so that the maximum number of people could enjoy them. So in 2014, he delivered a deposit in donation proceedings for most of his legacy, 406 works by 89 artists.

With the award of the Arte y Mecenazo prize, he decides, encouraged by his friends, to write his biography and is entrusted to the art critic Mariano Navarro and Antonio Lucas entitled A life with art. It is the first monograph dedicated to a Spanish gallery owner.

Patron of honor of the Reina Sofía Museum Foundation.


Among the awards, prizes and tributes granted to Soledad Lorenzo, are among the most prominent:

Gold Medal of Fine Arts

Torrelaveguense Illustrious

Gold Medal of the Madrid City Council

Gold Medal for Merit at Work. Council of Ministers of Spain

Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise

Soledad Lorenzo at the 85th AEPE Autumn Salon

Soledad Lorenzo, the gallerist of contemporary art, undisputed referent of the art market in Spain in the last quarter of the 20th century, attended last Wednesday, November 7, the opening ceremony of the 85th Autumn Salon invited by the President of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, José Gabriel Astudillo.

With great interest, the act followed and he later visited the exhibition that until next November 25th will make the Casa de Vacas of Parque del Retiro, one of the most interesting cultural events in Madrid.

In the course of the visit, they also had time to comment on how excited they are to resume the meeting that was scheduled for last September 21 and had to be suspended due to health reasons, by the beginning of next year.

His general impression of the visit was more than satisfactory and he told Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, Secretary General of the AEPE, with whom he also commented on other topics.


Soledad Lorenzo will be on friday at AEPE

Soledad Lorenzo, the gallerist of contemporary art, undisputed referent of the art market in Spain in the last quarter of the 20th century, will keep on Friday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m. at the headquarters of the AEPE, a meeting that under the title of “Dialogues with Soledad Lorenzo”, intends to be a lively informal conversation among the numerous attendees.

It is about establishing a dialogue about contemporary art in which to know first-hand, thanks to the attractive personality of the gallerist, the opinion of the professionals of art in all its aspects.

At the event, which will be attended by all members of the Board of Directors, Mª Dolores Barreda Pérez, General Secretary of the AEPE, will make a brief personal profile of the gallerist, who will answer the questions that the public presents.