Teddy Cobeña inaugurated his sculpture in Pineda de Mar

The bronze work of two meters high was given, which bears the name “Everything is born inside you”

On the morning of last Friday, July 12, the opening ceremony and delivery of the sculpture made by the partner Teddy Cobeña took place in the Barcelona municipality of Pineda de Mar.
At the event, which was attended by the authorities of the town hall on the beach “Els pescadors”, the mayor of the municipality, Xavier Amor, stressed the importance of art in open spaces and what it means for the city this work that takes Bas-relief symbols.

Located behind the train station and in front of the beach, the sculpture is a face of a woman with closed eyes that looks slightly upwards. It is made of bronze with turquoise patina only in the right half where you can see bas-relief figures related to the sea, marine animals and a sunbed with a parasol that represent the local sea, productivity and richness.

The left half of the sculpture is bronze without skating, golden aspect symbolizes the sun and the land of Pineda de Mar. In the lower right region there is a heart, also in bas-relief, which means the feeling of the residents of the municipality.

The sculpture sits on a base of bush hammered stone that has a bronze plaque in which you can read: “Sculpture dedicated to Pineda de Mar” and a lower one with the name of the work: “Everything is Born in Your Interior.”
Teddy Cobeña, author of the new sculpture, has given free of charge to the Town Hall of Pineda in gratitude to the people where he considers that he “has found inspiration.”

Teddy Cobeña is a renowned artist born in Ecuador who makes surrealist and expressionist sculpture. He currently lives in Barcelona where he also has an art gallery. He has received notable awards and has made exhibitions in Madrid, Rome, Florence, Paris or Kobe in Japan.
He often uses different colors and materials that highlight the sculpture, as is the case in Pineda. Soon an official act of cession of the artistic piece with the same author will be made, in the City of Pineda.

Teddy Cobeña inaugurates his Art Gallery in Barcelona

Cobeña Barcelona Art Gallery 

Teddy Cobeña, sculptor, doctor and member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors opened on November 23, a gallery of contemporary art in the Gracia neighborhood of the city of Barcelona. In the project is accompanied by Carolina Ros, jewelry designer, in a first collective exhibition in which 23 artists from seven different countries have participated.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by personalities from the art world such as the sculptor of the Goya awards statuettes, José Luis Fernández, who also exhibits three of his works, Toshie Itabashie of the Massana School of Art, multiple artists and other persons representing the Spanish and French culture and art.

The president of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE), José Gabriel Astudillo López, has dedicated some words to the catalog of the inaugural exhibition together with the works of the artists:

“The birth of an art gallery is always a reason for celebration. It is a courageous and daring decision that very few manage to make reality and for which I can not but congratulate who I have seen growing as an artist and now witnessed his baptism as “gallerist”.

It is a risk that faces with vocation, with enthusiasm and tremendous effort, but with the one that offers the public in general the possibility of a unique and exclusive advice, by the hand of an artist.

Who better than an artist to understand and deliver, to present to other artists and creators works of emerging artists, avant-garde and consecrated, offering the public to participate in such a great show.

The cultural commitment that this gallery now includes includes all kinds of actions with which art should approach the public, translating the artistic and avant-garde languages ​​to increase the interest of society and train and educate it in a career that will have many obstacles , will be fully satisfactory and exhilarating.

The enormous responsibility of becoming mediators of art is a very important task that will also allow their growth as an artist, generating dialogues and inserting them into new social dynamics.

The business of art requires above all love, that which Teddy Cobeña puts into each of his pieces and creations and now will move to a space that, I am convinced, will host wonderful works that will allow us to know the greatness and originality of Spanish artists .

From the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, our most sincere recognition for this adventure that begins and our gratitude for such a gratifying concern “.

The gallery will hold exhibitions and promotions of artists at national and international level in an agenda full of events that involve various activities within its own headquarters, in others from different cities and countries and public venues.

In the words of Teddy Cobeña “it is important to have the opportunity to sell the works, but it is also necessary to promote the artist and his creations”.

The gallery has two rooms, the main room and the “Carolina Ros” room. In the latter, a video with all the artists participating in the collective exhibition that will end on December 8 has been screened during the vernissage.

Spanish painters and sculptors, entities and the public in general have a new art gallery in the emblematic district of Barcelona.

Teddy Cobeña, Silver and bronze medals in Puebla de la Sierra

On June 16, the VII International Biennial was held in Puebla de la Sierra (Madrid), in which the Valle de los Sueños Foundation and the City Council of this municipality are part of the organization of this prestigious event.

Puebla de la Sierra has a sculptural park formed by dozens of artists and a museum with paintings by Canogar, Tàpies, López, among other consecrated creators.

In this last biennial Teddy Cobeña was awarded two Medals, one silver and one bronze, for two of his works that are now part of this huge open-air gallery that can be visited seven days a week.

Flying II is a work formed by two torsos made of bronze and silver patinas, in which you can see a few rectangles of the same semi-polished bronze. It is a sculpture that invites the viewer to rediscover himself and that with this ‘self-meeting’, enjoy your goal achieved in full state of happiness.

The second Cobeña sculpture installed in Puebla de la Sierra is one of the few abstract works made by the author so far. It is made of iron and consists of a composition of figures, mostly geometric, in different levels, directions and senses and welded together. It was exhibited and awarded in Nice (France) in 2015 and bears the name of ‘Plurality’. Its meaning was explained at the time of the inauguration of the biennial “although different each one, we are part of a great all harmonic”.

The mayor of Puebla de la Sierra, Aurelio Bravo, thanked the artists for their participation and Federico Eguía, creator of the Valley of Dreams project, also highlighted the contribution of the sculptors to the town.

The mayors of the neighboring municipalities and a representation of the Community of Madrid were present.


Teddy Cobeña exhibited at Granollers

On December 16, the third Biennial “Manel Batlle”, an open sculpture exhibition for all Spanish sculptors held in Granollers (Barcelona), organized by the Association of Friends of the City of Granollers, was inaugurated.

The Competition Jury was made up of Ramon Aumedes, sculptor, Ferran Capdevila, sculptor, Lluís Estopiñan, plastic artist, Fèlix Benz, president Reial Cercle Artístic and Glòria Fusté, of the Granollers Museum and Josep Mª Botey, architect, as Secretary.

In the contest, Teddy Cobeña was the finalist with the work “Tetratología de Fallot or Corasón Partío”, a bronze sculpture that represents a congenital heart pathology called Tetralogía de Fallot. To her the artist added a reinforcement of abstraction to signify the possibility of acquiring the same symptoms of the disease in an adult in this case not because of an anatomical pathology but because of a ‘love affair’. The work was exhibited in Madrid in the Small Format Contest of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors in 2015 and in the Tallenti gallery in Rome in the same year.

At the opening of the ceremony on December 16, the mayor of the city, D.J. Mayoral, attended the ceremony, thanking everyone for attending the ceremony and encouraging organizations and artists so that more events such as this take place in favor of culture.

The exhibition could be visited until January 28 in the City Hall of Granollers of the Cultural House of that city.


Teddy Cobeña in Japan

The Art Kobe Center organized by Masashi Yokoyama, President of the International Federation of Culture of Japan and the Art Association of Nice (France), will be held next June.
In this collective show, which will take place between June 15 and 18, Teddy Cobeña participates with various bronze and terracotta sculptures that allude to surrealism and sensorealism.
The Art Kobe Center is located in the center of this city (Kobe) and has a constant artistic activity throughout the year. The entrance to the exhibition is free and can be visited on the first floor of the building.

Teddy Cobeña Silver Medal of Sculpture in Pont-de-Chéruy

The 63th Exhibition of Fine Arts “Amis des Arts” in Pont-de-Chéruy shows that it takes place in France, in the castle Grammont, has given its prizes to the best works of the contest, which was attended by 97 artists, The Silver Sculpture Medal to partner Teddy Cobeña.

The jury was composed of personalities from the arts of Paris and Lyon and the awards ceremony was attended by personalities of the Regional Government of Isère (20 km east of Lyon) and the mayor in charge of Pont-de-Chéruy, the Mr. Jean Louis Andreu.

The exhibition has been open until the beginning of May at the same Château Grammont and has had other planned activities, such as concerts, guides explaining the works, snacks, etc.

The presidents of “Les Amis des Arts” Mr. Second, Mrs. Cherpe and Mr. Febvay publicly thanked the participation of the artists in this event that exposes the works of the most diverse styles and techniques.