Teddy Cobeña in Paris

The contemporary art exhibition in which the artist manabita and member of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Teddy Cobeña, who lives in Barcelona participates.

The sample, as indicated, was opened last week at the Carrousel gallery is located at the entrance of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Ecuador reports that display sculptor bronze five proposals in the room D24 Carrousel.

The activity was open until Sunday and was represented by the curator of Galician origin Cristian Balsa also attended by other Spanish artists with varied works including in contemporary art. It has also benefited from the presence of painters and sculptors from other countries with gallery representation.

Cobeña notes that presents its group of sculptures called Sensations, “which is loaded with expressiveness and realism in order to convey positive emotions to the public to attend, plus the ability for the first time, be able to acquire some work.”

Cobeña, who trained in medicine and surgery in his native country, presented his sculptural production in several cities of Spain and also in France and Italy.

Teddy Cobeña activity is reflected in one of the most important means of communication in his native Ecuador, whose link is also attached.